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Visit Peru - with Cesar Dominguez, a Peruvian young man of Honor!

I want to introduce you all to Cesar Dominguez, a Peruvian travel guide that made my visit to Peru a great success! I've just sent Cesar an invitation to join Travelin' Zoo.

Cesar will help you explore Peru from the inside out. He got me travel transfers, accomodations and entrance tickets to many places and events in Peru including Lima, Machu Piccu, and many other places.

He did not charge me anything up front. I contacted him and he helped me plan my itenerary while I was in the USA. Then, I flew down to Lima and met him in person.

It was a great trip, especially the time in Cusco. The hotel was on a communications theme: there were printing presses, typewriters, even Morse code keys in the lobby. You know I liked that!

Hopefully, you'll have the chance to correspond with Cesar here on Zoobird at the Travelin' Zoo.

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