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I would like to see a good dialog from all those of you who are interested in making our planet a safer, healthier, greener and more productive place. Please feel free to share your concerns, solutions, idea's and anything else you would like to share. In the Environmental Zoo, I have mentioned a few issues but there are others like clean air and water. I am concerned about so much plastic ending up in our landfills and waterways creating some serious problems. My small part is in the process of getting started. I have created trash liners to take the place of plastic ones and plan to sell them in the store on this site when I'm ready and when it opens up. I will be blogging with more details on this later. I'm looking forward to hearing from each of you. Together , each of us doing something can really make a difference. Thanks for your input.

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For the holidays I have purchased shopping bags availalbe at Books a Million. They are nice and roomy and retail for $1.99. Maybe you have seen them. They are tan and brown and have printed on them Books, Bread, Eggs, Milk. With my membership card they cost me $1.79 which is less than most Christmas gift bags. I am using the shopping bags in place of holiday wrapping paper and holiday gift bags. I spruce them up with red yard bows. Gifts I am giving this year include environmentally friendly cleaning products by Method in Cucumber (green color for Christmas and the environment) as a way to introduce friends to environmentally friedly choices. I pack the bags with dish liquid, all purpose cleaner and hand wash. I also include something else just as a holiday hand towel.
Linda, This is a great idea! A lot of people don't have a clue as to what to do to help create a better environment. I probably should include some tags to this discussion so that we could get some google hits. I have developed trash liners to take the place of plastic ones. They are washable and dryable, also hand washable, of course. I have used them for a year with no signs of wear. They come in various colors and I am making them in xsm, sm, med, large, exlarge sizes. I have someone who wants to sew them for me and many people interested in the project. I don't know whether I will end up with my own factory, supplying many people with jobs or having them massed produced later or perhaps sell the idea to a big company. I'll see if I can put a picture of them here for you to see. I've been planning to blog on this and I know I can put a picture there.
Thanks for attaching photos to your discussion, Ellen. I particularly like this photo:

Here's the second attachment you uploaded:

And, here's the third:

I'm glad you like these. These are the best of National Geographic pictures for the year . I have a lot more of them and it was hard to decide which one or ones to use. I too, like the first one best.

no green home here.but i was just thinking.this is just a thought.you know how everybody is getting into these gymes and all.what if we put them on the second floor.run pumps to the stair climbers and treadmills and slap a water wheel to the side of the building.yea.incorperate and run the electric people into the ground.im sure if you got it going.figured out how to make all kinds of weight lifting pumps and what not it could become a fad of sorts.put one on every block.
I would love someone sharing about GREEN HOMES. I heard a little bit on this topic on public television this afternoon. Perhaps some of you are already living in one and could share that with us or are planning on building one or in the process of doing so. All input is welcome anytime. Thanks. Ellen
plastics and the land fill are getting out of hand.i did find something to do with old cds.pretty cool.especially if you got kids.you can make wirly gigs out of them.when the sun shines on them and the position is right it reflects light in a spinning motion.really neet.plus shows the power of motion by wind to the kids.when i get a camera ill show step by step how its done



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