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May is "Bike to Work" month and Friday is "Bike to Work" Day in many places. Let's have some fun: post the sum of your age and the age of your bike (photo great!) and see who's the youngest with oldest bike, oldest with newest bike, etc. Ride on!

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I ride Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and this week also on a Thursday to work. Friday can't do it... 

A new bike, a moderately young rider... it's fun. Nothing like smelling fresh blossoms, listening to birds chirping, getting a work out, all this on the way to work! Life is good when you do good for yourself and the planet (-;


Such a sweet bike! Love it! SALSA. Everything looks good on that bike.

OK, this is my Dawes Galaxy. It's about a 60's model and that makes my number over 100! I got this bike in college. One night in the 80's, a friend came over ant took it entirely apart down to the ball bearings. He and I soaked it in varsol and he put it back together that same evening.


Recently, a friend who likes to restore clarinets asked me if he could polish it. He did the same thing. Took all the components off and buffed them. Then, I took it to the LBS (local bike shop) and they wrapped the bars with cork tape, put on bar-end shifters and replaced the derailleurs.  

Comment by Kevin Neelands 1 day ago

My bike is a Schwinn Le Tour, 25 years old.  I'm a little older than it.  Work is only 4 miles away so I ride the bike to work 3 days a week.  I take the car the other days mainly because I pick up groceries on the way home.  Gas can hit five dollars a gallon and it just means I'll take the bike 4 days a week.

P.S.  By "a little" I mean a couple decades.



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