Dangerously organic!

Elephant Journal contributor Ryan van Duzer takes us on a wild grocery commute in Boulder, CO! What kind of trailer is he using? Check out how easy it is to attach the trailer to the bike!

Battery on bike - pedal power!

I had my own shopping adventure. I needed a new battery for Fred the Bed Van, my '85 Westy, and loaded up the 53 pound dead one on my Dawes Galaxy. Check out the commute: it's tracked using arguably one of the coolest iPhone apps, Every Trail. http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=984149


It was with some fear and trepidation I took off on the trusty Dawes with that 53 pound battery on the rack. You can feel the frame flex under the weight when you carry that sort of load. Bike and rider made the trip safely!

My dad is 91 and never hesitates to kid me about gym memberships. He says he prefers to get his cardio out in the yard. You get the hint! Thanks, Duzer, for the video and inspiration. Now, what kind of trailer is Duzer using?



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Aha! Thanks, Tjasa!

Here is a link to the trailer he is using. Funny I was looking at the same one this weekend online (:

Bobgear, check under trailers - Yak and Ibex are the two models. Not sure what the difference between the two is.

Thanks for posting, Michael. Obviously that trailer does a great job. Nice!


I have a bike you can borrow while you're looking for one of your own: check it out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikelevin/sets/72157624194974486/with/...



Michael, d'you mean me borrowing your bike? 

Yes - let's see if it fits!

Let's! I'll try to catch you one of these days. Thank you so much trying to help thy neighbor out (-:

OK - this is a Gios, an Italian bike from the 60's. It's a 54cm. The idea for fit is that you should be able to stand over the top tube comfortably. That's the key. It will be fun for you if it fits and you can get going riht away while you look for the ideal bike. You know, one of the best places to find bikes is on Craigslist. But, it's fun to go to garage sales and look for them. You'd be surprised what you find and they're notoriously cheap. Another way to find bikes is to go to bike shops and test them out. The nice thing about the shops is that you can try lots of styles all in one place. Plus, you have the help of a bike expert. I recommend 8th Avenue Bikes and Coffee. They specialize in vintage steel bikes. There's a Zoobird article on 8ABC here.

Another shop you might like is Spin Cycles. There's Bikes n Such, the Super Bike Shop and even the Kickstand, which I love. The Kickstand is a community organization that helps you learn to work on your own bike. They are at the Farmer's Market on Wednesdays. And, they are members of Zoobird. There are 7 other bike shops in G'Ville!

If you're interested in a custom bike, G'Ville is proud to have Alexis Dold, owner of Villin Cycles. There's a special feature article here on Zoobird about Villin Cycles.


There are bike clubs, too. The Gainesville Cycling Club has rides and camaraderie. 8th Ave Bikes and Coffee has a ride every week, usually on Tuesdays. Owner Musa is a  Zoobird member, too!





Hey Michael! It's March 13 today, I totally missed this reply above. How is that possible :P

Geez, thanks for that insight into G'ville bike scene. Some of the shops you mention I never knew exist. Great, I will check out 8th Ave bike & coffee shop, that looks interesting. ALTHOUGH... this is what I wanted to tell you in the first place - I GOT A BIKE last week!!!!!

I am outstandingly excited! It is a 'perfect' fit for my small size. A Salsa Casseroll, a real hot dish! Here is a link (sorry I don't know a better way to attach it)   


Which means, that I won't be needing a loan bike. Which was so generous of you, but when I started measuring myself, a 54 just wouldn't go. I have a 51 now, but it is really more like a 50. The difference is tangible. 


I'll see you around! Either on foot or on wheels (-: 





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