Dangerously organic!

I converted a VW Jetta three years ago. 60,000 miles plus on veggie and it is going strong.
Dreams of a Diesel MINI http://bit.ly/9INQI4

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"The car is capable of carrying 13 gallons of veggie oil as well as its normal diesel capacity giving a total range of about 1100 miles." Wow! Lots of people think it's too much work to use biodiesel. What do you think? What is your process of getting the oil, filtering it, filling up the tank, etc. Do you think the average urban commuter is capable of this? How many biodiesel filling stations are there in your area? Do you know how many there are in the US? Thanks, Murray!
We used waste veggie oil exclusively. Once my son and daughter -in-law started to travel with the car we constructed a simple oil transfer pump and 5 micron (marine water extraction type) filer in an old hard-sided suit case. They would eat in a restaurant, obtain permission to empty their grease trap and pump out 10 or 15 gallons, much to the delight of the restaurant owner, through the filter into containers. Thy could always flip back onto diesel if required and would use it each dat to start / stop and purge the lines - particularly where it was cold and the veggie oil might loose its viscosity. If you were doing it from home it would be much easier. You could simply gravity feed through a filter and fill the car as needed.



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