Dangerously organic!

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This was growing in mixed hardwood forest.

It had spines like fur, and an odd shape. Can anyone help with identification? I'm thinking it's some kind of Hydnum, but which one?

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Thanks Michael!

I hope you're enjoying yourself. Be safe.

Hey there TIm, good guess, but its a pseudohydnum...they are more corky hard and not so edible.  I have found Dentinum on my homestead that is a choice edible and a hedgehoggy...I've only found true Hydnums (and ate them) up north.  check out David Auroras mushroom demystified.


Thanks for the ID, Mycol. I found Mushrooms Demystified and added it to the Zoobird bookshelf here: http://www.powells.com/biblio?inkey=72-9780898151695-0&PID=3311...

What does hedgehoggy mean?

Thanks mycol! I'll check that one out.



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