Dangerously organic!

Tim, I just found Fallon's site. Looks promising. I like the first few words referring to fats being essention to nutrition. I'll read more. Let's discuss!

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Hi Michael

I have few heros, but Sally Fallon is one of them.  I've heard her speak on a couple of occasions, and she's just as impressive in real life.  Without her, Weston A. Price would be forgotten, along with his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

I found a video by Sally Fallon the other day - I may have posted it in the Videos section here on Zoobird. I'll take a look....Later...well, memory fails me. I just looked and can't find it. I looked at my Swampcast channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/swampcast and here on Zoobird, but it will come to me. Maybe it's posted on the Zoobird Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zoobird/135951016877 Have you checked that out? It'll come to me  I know I saw something recently! 

This may be the video you refer to: http://www.westonaprice.org/beginner-videos/welcome-from-sally-fallon

There are other videos here:http://www.westonaprice.org/beginner-videos

The Weston Price Quarterly is a wealth of information, and well worth the cost of membership.\

BTW, thanks for the link to swampcast!

I remember our conversation about the benefits of whole, fatty foods and the Price website. I enjoyed Fallon's intro and I'm definitely going to read more. Thanks

As for Swampcast, the interviews I mentioned are at www.swampcast.com



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