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I've been out of town a long weekend with my sprouts safely watered and growing in my kitchen. I'll be back later today, hopefully to a five day growth of tomato and basil sprouts. Anticipation!

Keep your eyes peeled for some new content in the Coffee Zoo, too...


The garden patch is cleared of those pesky weeds for the moment. I know spring is an easy time but summer brings tenacity in weed life. 


No matter! Who gives a flip! Grab them by the roots and Yank, Pull, Swing, as my old friend Richard Roberts used to say, back ... way back in the day.


Meanwhile, the Botany class Marc Williams so graciously hosts online is in full swing, speaking of Swing. My copy of Botany in a Day {BiaD} is due back at my local library without a renewal option because somebody called it. I have 'til the 4th. So, my aim is to get the 7 plant families under my belt and maybe order my very own copy of BiaD. Ill try to find a used one or order straight from the source, since, as Marc advises, it's best to let all the profits go to the writer if possible. 


Some people think of books you've read that you keep on a shelf afterwards as "empty 6-packs", an apt description for some, but not for reference, or the occasional great fiction. My greats include "Dharma Bums", by Kerouac, "Empanada Brotherhood", by Nichols, "The Sun Also Rises", by Hemingway, and "A Confederate General from Big Sur", by Brautigan. Just a few empty 6-packs of mine. I'd put "Botany in a Day", by Elpel up there in the non fiction right next to "A Pattern Language", by Alexander et al. That is, even though I haven't gotten past chapter one yet! I strongly recommend Marc Williams www.botanyeveryday.com, and he's right here on Zoobird for easy access if you want to ping him. Hi Marc! In fact, Marc and Mycol Stevens, also on Zoobird, will teach an Ethnobotany and Wild Fermentation class at the Hostel in the Forest in May. See the Events section here on Zoobird for details.


With that, I'll leave you with a few requests. If you haven't friended me here on Zoobird, please do so I can include you in email. Please post up to date details about what you're up to and maybe a profile photo if you have a sec. I love reading about your interests, reading lists, favorite music, etc and I'd love to know where you're currently living geographically. As opposed to metaphysically, which is also interesting ;-)


If you like, please use Zoobird's invite feature (on the menu) to invite some friends. The hits you see on articles show that lots of people could be enjoying this magic. Tune into www.opbmusic.com if you get the chance on the web (all you non-Portlandites), because it's what I like. Then, you can decide if it's for you.


And, that's all for this morning. Chow! Let me hear from you! Blog a little, post a discussion, upload some photos or media like links to videos, music, audio files (as attachments to Discussions - have you seen that you can do that?).




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