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Hi Everyone,
I'm working on a really interesting thesis project and stumbled upon this veggie trader Web site about a month ago. I saw Pam at the garden today and had mentioned it to her, but I thought it would be cool to share it with everyone and I hope that Michael will post it up on zoobird. :) It doesn't seem to be used very much right now, but the idea is it's a forum like craig's list with a focus on bartering in season and local vegetables, fruits, and plants. They do offer the opportunity to sell stuff too, but I think the focus is on bartering mostly.

Well, I hope you guys find it interesting. The only catch is you need to register an e-mail and password. http://www.veggietrader.com/


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Hi Yvonne and Everyone!

Thanks, Yvonne for telling us about VeggieTrader. I am looking through the website. It looks good to me. It raised a question that I thought about yesterday: is there a problem with mailing seeds out of state? I got my patch from Sh'mal as he moved to Seattle. He was particularly proud of his Daikon radishes. They went to seed and I used the seed to plant more. Here's what they looked like. Now, the one I planted has gone to seed. I harvested a bunch of seeds yesterday. I'd like to send them to Sh'mal in Seattle for his patch. The first thing I was asked last night at dinner when I brought up the idea was "Is it OK to mail out of state?".

Of course, the easiest, most accurate answer would come from a quick call to the Dep't of Agriculture. I thought I'd ask our McRorie Community Garden group first.

By the way, there's a McRorie Gardeners group on Zoobird. I've been posting some of these letters as discussions in the group. It's here: http://www.zoobird.com/group/mcroriecommunitygardeners and you're all welcome to join.

I was at the garden yesterday, too, Yvonne. I love to write my visits up with photos on Zoobird. Sh'mal particularly likes seeing how his beloved garlic chives are doing. His collard greens are thriving. They've propagated to other patches. And, the bok choy Mary gave me is growing. I just spread some horse manure David Beasley gave me over the mesclun mix Mary also gave me. Even the lemon I planted is happy. And, Sh'mal's favorite lambsquarters are coming back up. They taste like wild spinach when I sauté them.

Anyway, thanks again, Yvonne, for the heads up about VeggieTrader. I'll check it out. I'll let you know what I find out.

All the best - this is fun!
RE: Seed mailing, I don't think it's illegal. At least, it "feels" legal. My favorite seed trading resource is the garden web seed exchange - http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/exseed/
Hi Everyone:

I joined Veggie Trader and looked around. My userid is "Zoobird". It looks useful. There aren't too many listings right now because they are brand new. The search tool is good, though in that you can see all listings if you want or filter down. I posted one for my grapefruit, which I like to share because they are *delicious!*. Here's the info:


Dear Michael Levin,

Thank you for submitting your listing in the Fruits section of Veggie
Trader. Your listing has been posted, and we will notify you via e-mail
if another Veggie Trader member responds to your listing.

You can come back anytime and modify or delete your listing as
necessary. To do so you will need your listing number, so please make a
note of this number now for future reference. Your listing number is

The URL for your listing is:


We wish you luck with your listing and hope you find Veggie Trader
useful. If so, please spread the word about us.

Thank you again for using Veggie Trader!


Conclusion: Veggie Trader looks great! Thanks for letting us know, Yvonne!

All the best,




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