Dangerously organic!

I found this photo on Willie's website. It made me think about how it's so much better to leave your guitar (or whatever) out where it's easy to grab and play. Look at how beaten up it is. It's even got a hole in the top where Willie has strummed through the wood.

This is Tony Rice giving a lesson on how to play Wildwood Flower. It's an example of how a master makes playing look easy. Muscle memory. I learned how to play a few songs when I was about 10 years old and I can play them with my eyes closed. Muscle memory!


A friend came over and picked up my guitar. She belted out a Leonard Cohen song. I was amazed. She asked "Would you like to hear another?" I said "Sure! I didn't even know you knew how to play guitar." So, she played another. It was great. She asked "Would you like to hear another?" and proceeded to play a third fantastic rendition of another Leonard Cohen song. I asked "How about one more?" She said "That's all I know how to play. I wanted to be able to play some songs at a party and I just learned these three!" How about that.


So, it's all about going for what you like and enjoying. With that, I'll say enjoy and talk to ya later.




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