Dangerously organic!

We want to keep you safe and sound,
Away from danger all around,
And so at home you'll have to stay,
And live your life some other way
Instead of chasing butterflies
Or birds beneath the bright blue skies.

Fearless kitty, you could be
A world explorer, wild and free,
Free to hunt just as you wish
Instead of eating from your dish,
But do you know the consequences?
Danger lurks beyond those fences!

I understand you'd have more fun
While playing underneath the sun,
But just suppose, my precious cat,
A growling dog, a flying bat
Would pounce upon you as you play?
Or someone could take you away!

So sit upon our window sill,
And see the merry sunshine spill
Its rays upon the world below,
And watch the trees and flowers grow!
Do not wander, do not roam,
Let us love you safe at home.

By Lois Hudson

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Bummer!  We're all a little bit like that cat, don't you think?




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