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I am about to go to Portland and meant to stay at NW Hostel, my fav. They're booked up except for the 25th and 26th. So, I am spending the first night at Hawthorne Hostel, Sunday, 7/20. I'm on standby the rest of the time. Michelle, at NW Hostel, mentioned McMenamin's in passing. She said it was in a culture class of its own. I thought she said "McMinimum's" and I am sure I heard "Gulp and Wait". Intrigued, I Googled it and found 'em . They look so cool, I may spend some time there even though they cost 5 times as much as the hostels. Of course, I'd aim for the asylum. Anyone ever been there?

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Hey, I am going to be in Portland later this month camping, have any tips?
Oh yeah! Firstly, let me say that I will be there again from 12-20 August. So, our paths may cross. Also, I got an incredibly cheap direct flight from Alaskan Airlines. $119 each way! I suspect I got it because I booked exactly 14 days in advance. As for camping, firstly did you know you can camp in the back of the hostel? Budget accom to the max! And, both hostels in Portland have delicious bread and pizza, pancakes and a free shelf for food left by travelers. Sunday brunch is a delight.

Stay tuned - I'll check my literature for camping tips.
Thanks, ill be on a tour of the rivers in the area, according to my friend whose meeting me in Portland from Eugene. I will be going to Northern Washington first, for a Technocracy meeting, but will then head south to Portland. The train from Washington to Oregon is only 30$ I couldn't believe it! Thanks for any guidance you have.
Is there a link to the meeting? Sounds very interesting.

So, how was the trip and the Technocracy meeting? Any tips?

I will be at the garden this weekend...and the Fall Planting Festival at Indigo tomorrow!




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