Dangerously organic!

Seeds of Self Reliance

Seeds of hope, through
fertile tilth of our imagination,
Join moist soil to
Promised Harvest.

Seeds of wonder, through
hard coat of innate knowledge,
Unfold the miracle to
Food and Fiber.

Seeds of life, through
herited labors of generations,
Nourish and bind ancestors to
Our Children.

Seeds of cooperation, through
shared work and common vision,
Forge and strengthen alliances to
Strong Community.

Seeds of self reliance, through
green leaves channeling energy,
Complete the sun driven path to
True Wealth.

Seeds of defiance, through
ability to grow independence,
Outlast technoconsumptive empires to
Nature’s Elegance.

---jphayden 2/1/08

Zoobird Bob Tuskin gave me some heirloom seeds from his Survivalist Seed shipment. I planted a row of spinach and a row of radishes.

Bob's blog is full of videos and writing about Technocracy, Permaculture and videos from John Lipscomb of Survival Seeds. If you check it out, you'll learn how to make a survival garden, a water filter and more. I could easily spend a morning reading through his latest posts.

Mary gave me some bok choy and mesclun mix sprouts. Mary and Ku are into canoeing.

I believe the picure above is from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Speaking of canoeing, we have a new member, Lars Anderson, of Adventure Outpost. The Outpost runs river trips around Gainesville and more. This is gonna be fun! Stay tuned!

So, meanwhile, I've got most of the weeding done and a few plants in the ground. Those herbs I mentioned a few days ago in The Elephant Journal are thriving, but I have them on my porch while I decide what to do with them. It rained last night, so I picked them up to put them in the drizzling water. I smelled the chocolate from the Chocolate Pepperment I got last weekend at the Herb Farm in Eustis. The Herb Farm is having a workshop this weekend. You'll notice the event in the Events section here on Zoobird. I wrote an article for Elephant about the experience at Eustis buying the herbs.

There was a political rally featuring Michelle Obama day before yesterday. Some people parked as far away as McRorie Garden to avoid the crowds.

One friendly person, Di Stobaeus, dropped by, cooled off and visited with us at the garden afterwards. We had a lively conversation that went far beyond gardening and touched on survivalism with Bob, Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" and moldy rye, and local friends/restaurants like Tree and Maya at Gainesville's "The Jones". While we were talking, Michelle Obama's motorcade drove by and Michelle waved to us!

All in all, good things are happening. I can't wait to see the sprouts come up. And a group are meeting to build a compost bin this weekend. That's described in Events here on Zoobird, as well, in case you want details. In fact, cruise over to the McRorie Gardeners group and read the thread, if you're interested. That's a good group to join if you garden at McRorie.

By the way, I usually link the photos I put in my blog posts to their origins. You can do that too: just use the picture icon on the toolbar of the text editor to put in the image and then highlight it and click the link to link the picture to a web address. So, you should always hover your curser over pictures to see if clicking them will take you somewhere. Also, I have begun splitting these blog posts into two parts so the first is in my blog and the rest is in a discussion in one Group or another. I hope ya'll will join these groups and start discussions, post comments, and grow them. Joining the Groups is especially important.

Stay Tuned!

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