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Now that you’ve joined the site, let’s go over some things to help you customize your profile page. Customizing your page is a great way to get used to general controls, like font changing and uploading content, that can be used in groups and blogs around the site. So let’s get started.

Step 1- My Page

Go to your home page by clicking the “My Page” navigation button at the top of the site.

Step 2- Customize My Page

Next you’re going to customize your page using the easy to learn tools provided on the site. Under your profile picture and general info, in the upper left corner of your page, is link saying “Customize My Page”. Click on the highlighted word customize, to get to the customize options page.

Step 3- Editing Page Appearance: Template Theme

The first customization option you will see is theme. Using the arrows at the upper right of the screen, you can scroll through a selection of page templates. Click on the template picture, the radio button at the bottom of the picture, or the link at the bottom of the picture to select it.

Step 4- Editing Page Appearance: Template Options

Now that you’ve chosen the background look to your page, you can further customize it using the basic theme controls in the bottom half of the screen. Just scroll down from the template choices and browse the option presented below.

For a beginner user, the “Basic Theme” tab is a good place to start. Here you can select the colors for the header, body, modules, sides, and text. You can also select font styles for the header and body texts.

For more editing options, click the “All Options” tab that is located next to the “Basic Theme” tab. It features all of the basic options as well as the ability to add images to certain parts of a template. Any images added can be modified to repeat in various directions or tile in the background.

For advanced options involving CSS (cascading style sheet) editing, click the advanced tab under the template selections. Note that if you don’t know what a CSS is, then you probably won’t want to edit it.

Step 5- Editing Page  Appearance: Save and Set Your Selections

Once you’ve selected and edited your template scroll to the bottom of the options tab and click the save button. Note that the button is not at the very bottom of the page. Remember, if you do not click this button the changes you’ve made will not be applied or saved.

You have now edited your home page. If for any reason you decide to switch back to the basic Zoobird layout, you can click the “Apply Zoobird’s Theme” button located on the customize page in between the template selection and the basic theme options.

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