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Learning your way around Zoobird

Zoobird is a social network. It's got blogs, forums, groups, personal pages and more! You might think of it as a funky camper van with lots of compartments for your stuff and a great multimedia system, too! Best of all, Zoobird has room for all of your friends.

When you create a profile for yourself on Zoobird you get a personal page automatically. That's where you can be creative and do your own thing. People who want to get to know you will click on your name or picture in Zoobird and visit your page. 
The Zoobird homepage brings some of the things you create to the front of the website. So, if you blog something on your personal page, it will also show up on the Blog section of the Zoobird homepage...for a little while! It will stay there until enough people blog and become part of the most recent blogs. Same with Notes. 
Groups are just places where people with like interests get together. You'll see Discussions in Groups, and you can subscribe to the stuff that goes on using the RSS feed.
The Forum is a place where Discussions live, too. And, Discussions can be in a Category. You can create your own Discussions anytime you want.
You see the place for music, photos,  and videos? You can put them in Zoobird, too.
Stay tuned!

Last updated by Michael Levin May 4, 2018.


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