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Por su puesto. I love watching cooking videos because I always learn something. For example, using turmeric with lentils and rice. And how Erica layers the garlic. And I don’t usually use chicken broth unless I’m following a recipe. And how she shreds the mushrooms with a fork. Lots of stuff. Cooking is so relaxing. For a while there, I cooked big portions and froze them. But lately I find them not satisfying at all. I like fresh food much better. Especially vegetarian food. I’d be interested to hear what some of your favorite recipes are that you really enjoy cooking.

Here’s the link to Erica’s cooling video:


Do you know there are two views of Zoobird? There’s a mobile view and a desktop view. You see a lot more with the desktop view if you’re using a cellphone? FYI. You can change it in the upper right hand corner of the homepage. Maybe I should change that too. What do you think?

Just a final word… I’m so relieved. Because I got my order of Skeeter Screen, an organic insect repellent. And it’s back to normal. And it smells good. And the mosquitoes are finally leaving me alone. Hooray hooray!

Oh and I got my Covid vaccination today. I kind of took my time about that, but I’ve been in isolation for about 15 years now or so it seems. And now I’m getting out a little bit more. I got the Pfizer one. From Walgreens. Which means now I can leave the country. And not doing that has been a gigantic change for me. Hooray, hooray! They gave me a little vaccination card I can carry with me. I truly hate needles. Anyway, enough of that.

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