Dangerously organic!

We use a home-made composting toilet, based roughly on my reading of Joseph Jenkins' "Humanure Handbook", at our farm.

It's simply a shed over a deep hole filled with straw, which we "flush" with straw / sawdust / strips of newspaper. We don't separate - everything goes into the same hole. The shed doesn't cover the entire hole, so part of ot is exposed to the air and rain.

This has been perfect for a year but recently has started to smell. I suspect it was because it was too wet and lacked carbon, so I added lots of shredded newspaper and spread it out a bit, but so far this hasn't improved matters. Would appreciate any other suggestions.

FYI, we are in Ireland so it's not particularly hot

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Add bakers yeast to compost so fungi will digest feces facilitating composting.
Michael and Jose'

I visited a Mycol's place and he's got a compost toilet. I'll be featuring many more photos from my visit, but here's a few of the area:

The situation calls for hand washing, left hand, specifically. Mycol uses this container to pour the water.

Just for fun, Mycol practices bonsai using old enamel as improvised pots! It's something cool to look at when you're otherwise preoccupied.

Here's Mycol holding the container used for washing hands.
Stay tuned - you'll see more of Mycol's place in an upcoming article...


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