Dangerously organic!

(Ron Chandler and Ted picking a peck of purple peppers at the McRorie Community Garden in Gainesville, FL)

Take some fresh lemons and make lemonade. Cut up some jalapeños and put them in a container of water. Let the jalapeños infuse into the water just like you do with a mojito. Add the jalapeño water to the lemonade and you've got Jalapeño Lemonade. You can sweeten it with anything you like. I just made some and used organic blue agave nectar. It added a little taste of its own that added to the appeal. It tastes great ice cold. It's also a good base to add all sorts of stuff to: other fruit, like strawberries. The jalapeño is the clever part that gives it a distinctive flavor. 


This recipe came from a food truck on Hawthorne in Portland, OR called Texas Chili. They rock.

You can find other recipes like this in the Zoobird Juice Lovers group. See ya there!

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