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Figs From Thistles

My friend sent me this poem from memory.

“My candle burns at both ends;

It will not last the night;

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends–

It gives a lovely light!”



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Cooking with Erica

Por su puesto. I love watching cooking videos because I always learn something. For example, using turmeric with lentils and rice. And how Erica layers the garlic. And I don’t usually use chicken broth unless I’m following a recipe. And how she shreds the mushrooms with a fork. Lots of stuff. Cooking is so relaxing. For a while there, I cooked big portions…


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Farm fresh onions gifted to us from Banks Helfrich, Lake County Land and Water Commissioner. I’ll plant a garden at BFE soon... #gardening #bfe #onions

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Give back to mother nature and Humanity,Support our Food Forests Uganda Project


School children and their communities will learn regenerative food production systems, which protect and strengthen biodiversity, restore depleted soils and feed families. This partnership is requesting funds for two planting seasons this year. Approximately 15-20,000 trees will be planted as food forests by school children and their communities. 

As rural Ugandan families become…


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Job opportunity!

Do you Thoreau?

Job opportunity!

Do you love caring for trees and shrubs, living rustically, and awakening to a chorus of birdsong?

We're hiring a residential perennial caretaker for the season! (April-November)

This is a live-in position that includes a small stipend (part of your work is in trade for accomodations). We…


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What’s a One Shot Pony?

(Photo from Claire Preen’s Elephant Journal article)

Curry! I remember thinking about moving to Little Rock, Arkansas.…


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Life Off The Grid

Have you thought about life off the grid?

One reason I love my Westy so much is because it is self contained. It has all the things you lose when you go off the grid.

Think about it. Off grid means no electricity, water & plumbing. 

My Westy has a battery, water tank and porta potty. It has a gas…


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Breakfast of Champions!

Breakfast of champions! Favs beans, New Mexico Green Hatch chilies, red bell pepper & chopped tomatoes. Yum! #vegetarian #vegan #foodporn #zoobird #hatchchile #beans #livetoeat 

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Mosquito Repellents

This repellent works! It’s from Texas. I used to have bromeliads but they acted like little homes for mosquitos because they’d fill up with water. Standing water is the biggest breeding ground for mosquitoes. Bats love to eat mosquitoes. Try it. You'll smell like an herb garden!  …


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Fire at the Finca

Oh no! Many of you know Mycol and have enjoyed visiting Finca Mycol. Well, there's been a fire there and so much has burned up. There's a fundraiser here and your support is…


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Bike Touring and Bikepacking

Boy oh boy, I found the best online group about bike touring and bikepacking. It's on Facebook and it's called...you guessed it...…


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The Montana Folk Festival

You want to fall in love all over again? And again? And again? Head out to Montana! I went last week and I am still reeling from it!

Let's begin with an annual event I bet will be a fantastic time. It's The Montana Folk Festival . There's a preview on Montana Public Radio right about…


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Stop Deforestation

I  was up in Montana last week. I saw trucks full of trees pass by all day, every day.

It reminded me of this great idea. It’s a towel bin! It’s one small way to stop using…


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A Slow Walk in the Forest

It's been rainy lately and if you take your time and walk through the forest, you'll see lots of growth. This mushroom was so blue it popped out! It's not soft at all. 

You have to wonder how people stayed comfortable back in the old days here in Florida. Well, here's the thing: before development occurred, there was tree cover everywhere. Shady trees…


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Yes, We Have Some Spicy Banana Curry!

Gainesville has a thriving bicycle culture. A while back, we had a get together called Dinner and Bikes. One dish that stood out as both delicious and creative was curried bananas and kale pasta. 

Wow, amazing flavor that popped out at you! I went home and made some right away.

Last night, I wanted to make it again but I couldn't find…


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Yet Another Diet Recommendation

Yes, we've been hit with so many diet recommendations our heads are spinning. Drinking wine is good, bad, who knows? Well, this study is scientific and based on millions of…


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Crazy Hooting Alarm Clock!

Here's the culprit! These owls make the most distinctive cacophony of noise. Listen to the this recording and tell me you don't agree! It's a night sound. A sound that will make you feel the dusk or darkness. You usually can't see…


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What's Your Favorite Story-Gazing Story?

What's Your Favorite Story-Gazing Story?

Hello Zoobird community. The Enzian Theater, an indie gem in lovely Winter Park, FL is putting on a little writing contest. Sure to make you think. Note that entries are due by tomorrow, 3/1/18. Actually, I think it's continuing for a while... so…

Added by Michael Levin on February 28, 2018 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

Picture This - A Film Festival for you to submit a short film

Interesting concept. I have successfully submitted one short video to a festival! iPhone video creation has been a way for amateurs to get into filmmaking. Did you know that quite a few feature films were shot using an iPhone? One of my favs is The Florida Project. …


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The Old Man And The Sea

ran across this quote a few minutes ago. Knew right away it was Hemingway. 

“He always thought of the sea as 'la mar' which is what people call her in Spanish when they love her. Sometimes those who love her say bad things of her but they are always said as though she were a woman. Some of the younger fishermen, those who used buoys as floats for their lines…


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