Dangerously organic!

Codex Alimentarius will effect EVERYTHING agricultural

Most of you have not heard of the codex for one simple reason: those that are behind this UN initiative do not want you to hear about it.

The codex will eventually make it mandatory for all vegetables (organic included) to be irradiated. It will also require Monsanto's bovine growth hormone to be put in all milk....

Codex is funded by the pharmaceutical companies for the purpose of increasing their profits.

We Become Silent:

Nutricide Criminalizing Natural Health Vitamins and Herbs

Codex Alimentarius - A Lecture by Dr Ian Crane.

The World According To Monsanto

Do yourself and your family a favor...
Dont Fall into the Sheeple Pit...

Ignore the TV Media

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Here is another good codex video. This one is probably the best introduction video out there:

Very interesting. I've never seen the Sheeple Pit before. Ron Chandler told me about Monsanto's effort to destroy seed stores in Iraq. I didn't believe it. Disappointing is an understatement.



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