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Hello Zoobird! Yes, here in Gainesville, FL the garden is fine, thanks! I've got lots of plants growing in my patch: my tomatoes, courtesy of Farmer John, are thriving. They have flowered and I'm just waiting for the birds and the bees to do their thing and get the tomatoes going. I planted some spinach and it's doing fine. My biggest challenge is telling sprouts from weeds, especially when the sprouts are mixed from a mesclun mix packet. 

Marc Williams is one of our resident botanists. He's got an informative website called Botany Everyday which I love. He is guiding his readers (including me) through a book called "Botany in a Day", by Elpel. You can follow along at Marc's Botany Everyday Facebook page. He's posting commentary about a part of the book every few weeks, so you can read and follow along. You can ask questions on his page, too. Marc will try to answer your questions. 

The object of Elpel's "Botany in a Day" is to teach you a pattern method of identifying plants. So, once you get the pattern, you'll be able to tell sprouts you've planted from weeds. At least, that's the vision. 

Let us know what you think! 

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