Dangerously organic!

I finally found the Westie I've been searching for:

do any of you have one? they are the best homes on wheels!

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I recognize Fred!.
does this mean you are back in G'ville after your travels?
Yep, I'm baaaack! I'll be in town manana.
How are Fred's tires, etc? I have back to back trips...
Hey i dunno if you can remember me we met at the hawthorne hostel in portland i was traveling with a goldwing
but i want to introduce you to my baby the red one is mine and the orange one is my freinds' westie
Martin, Nice! How do you like it so far?
i loved it but i'm back in germany already for one week now i rode 9000 miles in 2 months and really love your landscapes an the nature
and my favourite us city till now is portland :D
Jeez, 9000 miles! Portland is my favorite city in the US. Where did you go?
i made something like a big loop from the westcoast to the north border to mt rushmore to the southern border back to the west coast (la)
How did the Westie hold up? What did you do with it when you left?
oh id dindnt travel in my westie i was going on a honda goldwing motorcycle
im driving a westie in germany and for the last week its been in poland with my parents :)
Oh! I thought you might have bought it in the US - anyway, I am loving mine even if I am not using it right now. I predict it's going to be fun, fun, fun! First stop: The Forest Hostel. Then, Asheville, NC...then the new hostel up in Maine.



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