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Michael Levin's Blog – October 2012 Archive (10)

A Look at my freshly planted patch at the McRorie Community Garden

Hi to all here at Zoobird! Those sprouts you see above are in my garden now. If you garden, how's your Fall garden doing?


The community garden I am so privileged to be a part of is crazy beautiful these…


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How to make a 2-liter SIP (sub-irrigated planter)


(from http://greenroofgrowers.blogspot.com/2012/03/lets-make-sips.html

What a great idea! Take a 2-Liter plastic bottle, cut it in half and use little strips of cloth to wick the moisture from water to irrigate your plants, especially if you aren't around to water them yourself.…


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Tiny Hummingbird


This tiny hummingbird was having a feast on the nectar from brightly colored flowers in the Haile Plantation, Gainesville, FL Butterfly Garden.

Click …


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Cardboard Bicycle Could Change The World

(Photo from Irish Times)

Continuing on the rampant bike theme...I like everything about this bike. It's super cheap ($20) and made from recycled materials. When it wears out, you can turn it back in to recycle it into another bike! …


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Bike of the Day {BotD} ::: Independent

BotD :::: Independent, Eric's

This is Eric's Independent. According to Eric, it's a Boston, MA, USA built steel bike with state of the art carbon fork and components that will make you drool (if you're so inclined ;-) It's got vintage, classic touches like the deep V rims and the Fizik saddle is nice. I'll let Eric fill in the details. He'll drop by,…

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What's new in Your World? Mine's all about a Bike and a Pond...

Hello, Zoobird! I hope you all are doing well! I thought I'd just throw out some random updates and let you all know how I am doing personally, not from so much a Zoobird standpoint but from a Michael standpoint. Where to begin?

Pond covered with algae

My most exciting news has to do with a new bike ride I've worked into my day. There's a park called Kanapaha nearby and a…


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Morning Menagerie

Beautiful sunrise

Birdsongs (click the link to listen!)


Every morning here in Gainesville we wake up to a menagerie of birds. They sing and sing! I know there are some of you out there who either don't have the luxury of having birds…


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Groovechamber is a graphics art, animation and film making company "In a country called Canada". That's from their FAQ. They do some absolutely amazing animations and games, and the music accompanying is fun, too. I keep thinking of them, then forgetting their name and losing contact with the site.

It's fun to watch "Field Guide to Snapping" and "…


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Plastic Bucket Bike Panniers

You gotta love the Instructables. What do you think of this bucket pannier idea? I'll say one thing. They sure will carry more than your run of the mill panniers.



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Bringing the Mind Home

I was told that the chapter on Training the Mind in Sogyal Rinpoche's "Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" was a great intro to meditation. The nice thing is that you can read a lot of it on the web here at Google Books.…

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