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Hello all Zoobirds! I'm back from Ireland and Scotland. It was a good trip. All went well until Saturday. I somehow caught a bug on the plane back and have been feeling sick until now. Who knows what caused it. I've been eating rice and chickpeas under strict orders from my doctor. And, sleeping a lot. I think I am better today...but I am going to take it slow. Meanwhile, there's nothing stopping me from writing!

Today is a special day. It's the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashana and also Eid ul-Fitr, marking the the end of Ramadan.

Ghana is known to be a very poor country but the people there have a happy, fulfilled life full of festivals. Getting together for various reasons and enjoying food, song and company is a good thing.

So, why did I title this post with "Enhance your Garden with Worms"? Well, you may have noticed that we have a map on the right column with lots of red dots. The map shows where Zoobird visitors live. I put it above this paragraph. It's interesting to see where Zoobird readers are in the world. And, like so many things on the web, the map is subsidized by ads. These ads are targeted ads. So, when I looked at the map today, I saw the words "Enhance your Garden with Worms ... Create your own Compost ... No More Fertilizers".

This reminded me of the cute wine bottle painted "Worm Poo" at the entrance of the McRorie Community Garden. It's planting time. I think I'll do some experimenting with worms.

I heard from Sh'mal a few days ago via voicemail while I was in Ireland. I got his voicemail on the plane (the dreaded, stomach flu infested plane) just as I landed in Newark. He is in Seattle. He just finished writing a story. So, if we're lucky, we'll read it here in Zoobird soon.

And, so it goes...Stay tuned. More to come! Let me hear from you! Happy day!

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