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Slingshot: "For me, the idea of living small in particular means figuring out what enough is and taking joy from having enough, rather than chasing my tail hoping I'll someday be happy if I just have a little more. Enough doesn't just refer to money or things -- figuring out enough goes for everything humans do from work to play to love to stimulation. Figuring out what is enough and achieving satisfaction with it is hard but can be a key to achieving a sense of meaning on a personal level. If you're always seeking more, you'll never get to the pot of gold and you'll always feel a sense of dissatisfaction."

Those provocative words from Slingshot writer PB Floyd ring in my ears. Would it shock you to know that Max Levchin used to compete with HotOrNot founder James Hong to see who was the most frugal?

Living Small. It's a concept worth thinking about.

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Comment by David Beasley on June 17, 2008 at 11:11pm
I've noticed that the wisest people seem to have a clear view of what they value. They spend their time and energy on that and don't allow themselves to be distracted by all the other stuff. I've spent the first 30 years of my life figuring out what it is that I value. Now I try to stay connected to it. Living small is a part of that.

Thanks Mike and Bob
Comment by bob on June 17, 2008 at 5:39pm
"Our current system is not sustainable because it must -- by its own internal logic -- grow every year. The forces of competition continuously increase efficiency and production by requiring each company to constantly grow, reduce costs, increase production, increase sales, or succumb to another firm that is more efficient at doing those things."

Also one famous example of how the concept of exponential growth is physically impossible is done with rice and a chess board. If you start on the first square with one grain of rice and doubled the amount of rice per each square, by the time you reached the end of the chess board you would have more rice on that chess board than has ever been harvested in the history of our planet!
Good article i enjoyed reading. Thanks MIke!


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