Dangerously organic!

A Great Day at the Garden!

Collard greens, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, mint, peppers, carrots, tomatillos, echanacea, and garlic chives. Everything's happy and healthy in the garden!

What are you planting this season?

This is my best garden ever. I got the kale, collard greens and cabbage from our local organic grocers. They sell sprouts cultivated by a fabulous guy named Farmer John. John is a gentleman who must be quite up in years, but even though you can tell that he's senior, he has an energy and a disposition that is absolutely magnetic. I got the tomatoes and echanacea from Michael Walker, across the street. Photo below:

Michael has lots of sprouts growing around his house. I have some seeds sprouting myself: tomatillo and carrot, sweet pepper and daikon radish. I want to make some salsa verde with the tomatillos. The potatoes I planted are growing wild! They have beautiful green leaves and look like healthy potatoes must be beneath the soil.

The garden comes to life when I water it. I have soaker hoses that Ron Chandler gave many of us some time ago, when he had a little class on water and how best to use it in your garden. He explained to us how so much water evaporates when you use a sprinkler. The soaker hoses use less water and are more efficient with the fraction of the water they use.

I forgot to mention that I have some broccoli, mustard greens and a little lemon tree. I am afraid the lemon tree might not make it, though. It got damaged in the freezes we had this winter.

The garden as a whole is wonderful this season. There are raised beds, unique planting arrangements and new people who are just marvelous to get to know. Stay tuned!

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