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Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for January
by Flash Silvermoon

Happy New Year All! OK here we are 2012, the year touted and hyped by many to be everything form the end of the world to the date of Divine Intervention and absolute levitation. The truth will not likely resemble either pole of the vision but more a blend of both in varying degrees depending how awake and tuned in you are already.

I have been speaking of the Uranus / Pluto Square for almost a year now. It is this aspect that will not be exact until June 24th of this year and complete in 2015, that has largely been responsible for so many of the drastic changes that we have experienced and will experience. We all need to get used to expecting the unexpected on all levels, as weird as that sounds.

Because of these energies, I have been encouraging you to get a clear understanding of what exactly is truly important and of value to you. On what issue do you want to draw your line in the sand and what will it take for you to stand up and say No, I won't take it anymore? There is no right or wrong answer and it is a good time to plumb the depth of your being and knowing to ascertain where you stand and what supports you and we do need to feel supported.

Personally , I am both excited and a little nervous about the upcoming year because I have had so much"fun" with Uranus Pluto thus far. No way around it this is some challenging energy but the potential is also there for some phenomenal positive shifts and I am focusing on that.

One thing that I do know is that we have a lot of control as to how some things play out by the nature of where our energy goes. We are co creating karma much more rapidly as the energetic spiral gets faster and tighter so that the cause and effect of each movement shows itself almost simultaneously.

We could all get lost in cleaving to that which we thought was our birthright or religious dogma or financial status but so much is shifting and changing before our very eyes that it is wise to only hold on to what is truly needed and representative of who we are at our core. Anything else may just get in the way and push us into skirmishes and battles that have nothing to do with who we really are and are growing to be.

With the energies of Uranus in Aries, our solutions are both individualistic and community oriented. That may sound like an unusual blend but in fact we need just that to allow greater personal freedom and creativity with a sensitivity to the global community and need for solutions that create sustainability and a shoring up of the resources and basic needs of the people. We have the creative minds to achieve this through science, networking and community organizing.

The interplay of Neptune shifting from Aquarius to Pisces will see more archetypal feminine values rise to the surface. Women will be more and more visible as trend setters and leaders. One example of female values can be seen when problem solving becomes more collective and circular rather than hierarchical and linear. This is happening in the streets with the Occupy Movement. The movement however does need a big shot  of female leadership and that may happen when Neptune finally settles into Pisces in February.

I think that the blending of a more spiritual outlook has a lot to do with Chiron being in early Pisces with Neptune cuddling up back and forth between late Aquarius and early Pisces. So many more people are seeking personal paths of liberation through spiritual growth particularly through less traditional forms. A decided shift from Religion to Spirituality has been brewing for some time and I feel this is all for the good as religions tend to separate people where spirituality doesn't. We are trying to see how we are all ONE, all connected.
I can't say enough how important it is to keep your  energies attuned to the highest vibration now. Good to know about the travesties taking place but don't dwell on them. Spend your time with those who bring out the best and elevate your spirits always.

 With Piscean/Neptunian energies some of the harder edges are being softened in good ways while the opportunity to hypnotize and delude the public is also available. Fortunately, while Neptune is still in Aquarius, it seems like the masks are coming off and Pluto of course has a lot to do with that as well as larger than life public figures of every stripe keep getting caught with their proverbial and literal pants down!

Resonance, sound is such a good way to transfer energy[Neptune] and that is happening on so many levels. Music is such a wonderful way to share ideas as well as raise the vibration likewise the contrary can also occur as music becomes more corporate with performers dominated by the machine [ Pluto in Capricorn, corporate domination or destruction] and are forced or tricked into imprinting hidden messages. The Multi nationals who want to dominate are not beyond the use of mind control in many sectors and so keeping a strong connection with your own intuition is key for all manner of information. No need for paranoia here, just stay tuned in to your own BS detector.

On the other end of the spectrum, [Uranus in Aries,liberation of the individual] it has become easier and easier for anyone to record and share music with the worldwide web and Utube.
Problems and solutions coexist side by side and it can be really hard at times to know which hat color covers a trusted friend.

We start the year with the Sun and Pluto close together which heralds a time fraught with power struggles. It is so important to remember that the more we resist the more stuck that we get. We see this in the streets as the Occupiers simply link arms and peacefully protest. The police who are sent in by the corporate interests try to over power and batter the protesters and only succeed in making themselves look bad. Repugs are willing to take down the country  because they are so stuck on making Obama a one term president when all it does is make them look less like appropriate leaders.
Power issues however are by no means limited to our alleged two party system.

I am not saying that  these times are not unsettling and even scary but the Powers that have Been rely heavily on fear to keep everyone stuck in one kind of poverty or another, hence a very sluggish and shaky economy. Saturn sits by having passed through many squares to the Uranus /Pluto conflagration last year and suggest we all just play fair for a change but can't really do too much about it.

This is not a time when liberal solutions are likely to solve much, [especially with the volatile pair Uranus/Pluto around], as liberals seek to band aid a disease ridden system to try to make it function better and yet this will be tried and tried. Most of us would like our CHANGE served up with a soft chenille comforter, some good coffee and a bag of dark chocolate and let's face it, that just ain't usually the way it goes down. That being said, creating new institutions that reflect true values and the needs of the many instead of the few will not manifest just because a lot of people feel like it is a good idea although holding that vision must be part of creating the foundation.

Pluto in Capricorn presents another enigma as Saturn ruled Capricorn wants the status quo to be maintained at all cost at the same time Pluto will settle for nothing  less than bringing the alleged New World Order to its sagging knees.[Saturn rules the knees\.Uranus and Pluto think,"Let's burn it down and then rebuild with a fresh pure vision!"  Nice in theory and yet we must survive the conflagration!

This dilemma is what has thousands if not millions Occupying significant places in this country and world. I am not saying that they have it all together but I am suggesting that the group consciousness showing such unrest is motivated by these planetary forces that are co creating what we are seeing manifest since Arab Spring which was propelled by Uranus entering the feisty sign of Aries. I don't mean to keep harping on the subject but this theme will be the predominant energy for the whole year more and less.

The Cancer Full Moon on the 9th EST or the 8th PST will turn on the water in many ways. Our emotions are very full and watery in this very lunar time. We may see large masses of water as in floods or blizzards visit many places in the world. Personally we will be more aware of the disparity between our inner world and its outer manifestation. With a square from Mercury to Uranus we might see some new and exciting invention or discovery hit the news. As Venus gets closer to Neptune, the power of love will hover ever closer.

The New Moon  in 2 Aquarius on Jan.23 EST and 22 PST will usher in an even feistier feeling of individuality, rebellion, and liberation. Our minds will be much freer than usual to take that proverbial "Leap of Faith" and the results may very well be amazing. Uranus in Aries will sextile this lunation fueling the intellectual passion for new ideas and ways of being.
Mars goes retrograde on the 24th and that will slow down any reckless impulses and may halt the shedding of blood in war torn areas. Of course moving from one place to another and actually getting things done may be a bit harder.

Energies still wreaking a bit of havoc with our physical bodies so stress reduction is still a really good idea using many of the holistic methods mentioned in last months issue.

Venus moving forward into the idealistic and sensitive sign of Pisces will encourage our hearts to open even more and truly believe in LOVE.

So, it's a New Year so Dream Big and as one famous Capricorn said, "Don't compromise yourself,it's all you've got!" Janis Joplin

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Aries - I am so ready to begin this year. I finally feel like I have broken free from so much inner resistance. I am going to make time my friend instead of my enemy and become more radically awake. No more sleepwalking through my life as I seize the moment with both hands and renew my sense of wonder and excitement about possibilities hiding in the future. I will try to be patient, operative word, TRY, not my strongest suit but perhaps a new acquisition.I know I am pretty wonderful but I guess there's always room for improvement.

Taurus - I can't complain about anything  with Jupiter still offering  up abundance, sometimes though its hard for me to narrow down my choices.I am so very grateful for all the gifts that have been bestowed upon me primarily my family. I have lived long enough to know that blood does not always make family.Maybe its time to Feng Shui my house and get my clutter and stuff more in order. I want to live in a lovely space and only accumulate things that represent my values and what I deem valuable. I do have quite an eye.

Gemini - It's not usually hard for me to let go as half the time I let everything just  breeze by my antennae but these days my mind wants to wander towards the past when I want to move to the future. I am used to feeling at least two ways about everything but that's usually regarding what's right in front of me. My life has been in such a whirlwind lately and I am usually not that introspective but seems like a time out for reflection and I am going to take it. Just sitting still and listening to my inner voices will be quite new.

Cancer - I finally have my sea legs on as far as dealing with the irregular rock n roll of my ship on this cosmic sea. Never mind that I like a smoother ride. The Universe is not exactly asking my permission to be unpredictable so my job has been to learn to roll with it and I am. The planets being as they are,I am getting used to being more at home on the strange.This is a time when I like to be very cozy with friends and family and that has provided the peace that I need.

Leo- All this Aquarian detached kind of energy is a little hard for this ultra personal lion to take. I thrive on passion and drama so don't make me dial it down too much. I hear all this talk about the individual so what if this individual doesn't want to be oh so socially,or politically correct. Jeez this lion sounds like she got up on the wrong side of the jungle! I am really quite charming come play with me and I'll make you feel real special.

Virgo - Cranky Leo, really? I could make you seem like a peach. Mars has been rumbling in the background like some dragon with gas. I am the grouch on the couch these days and my mind is constantly thinking up new ways to be discontent. I thought Cancers were crabby, well I not only take the cake but the pies and cupcakes too in the grump department. I need to get that discerning part of my brain re calibrated to sort and prioritize rather than criticize and sulk. I can see how its part of the same trip but just needs a re-direct.

Libra - With all the chaos in the world keeping everything balanced is qute the job. I get that  the order in the world is  not my job hell I will leave that to the Pisces of the group. I have Saturn on my back and it just seems way too heavy at times. I must remember that responsibility means the ability to respond and not obligation, a really different view of the same coin. Having Saturn in my sign or the last year or so, ya learn a thing or two and Saturn just loves to teach. Let's face it we can go kicking and screaming or do it as a dance. I prefer to dance.

Scorpio - This may sound unusual, but then what these days isn't, but I am really wanting to be in a more committed relationship. Now I can just hear you Scorps who are already in a relationship saying ... and! OK well  those of us in the Scorpio persuasion love depth and maybe even some dramarama but I think I can get an Amoon here from you all that going even deeper with more focus is our flavor for this month.  Always good to crawl under the covers when the weather turns frosty especially with your love.

Sagittarius - I am ready to punch my Passport for anywhere exotic. Fantasies of white sand beaches,brown skinned women and cool fruity drinks occupy me. Call me Anita Vacation because I sincerely need a break from my humdrum existence. My drum just don't like hum ya know. My beat is much more Afro-Cuban and very syncopated which fits my exaggerated sense of rhythm. If my plane remains grounded there is always the astral plane which is free and always available to me and.......see ya lat..er..

Capricorn - It's my most wonderful time of the year and my desire to make this the biggest and the best celebration ever flys in the face of my desire to reel in my budget and make a plan for savings that will let me get off the  job treadmill. I don't know whether work is more deadening or infuriating but nether feelings are good for my mental health on the long term. I must contemplate my gift to myself this birthday season and seek a path to my liberation.

Aquarius - I am feeling so free and light as a feather. I've been trying to slug it out on the barricades of one Occupy City after another and feel the pulse of the communities coming alive with rebellion and fervor and it's so contagious. My head is spinning and full of so many ideas that I am absolutely euphoric. Why can't we all live like we do down on the square taking care of each other and really listening. I want to be able to sustain these feelings and  way of life and bring it into my everyday life. I am sure many of you not on the barricades feel the same.

Pisces - Smooth groove. I'll take mine with a little good music on the side. Somebody must have tapped my create button because so much wants to come out of me. Each new idea explodes into a kaleidoscope of possibilities many of them wanting a sound track. Music music rockin' rhythms want to draw me into deep caves where the dolphin swim freely and the Goddess like a Siren calls me not to my death but to my life!

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