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Have you got a travel bug that may take you over rough terrain?

Here's an article that describes how to convert a Jeep into a camper. Now, after reading it you may think 1) massive overkill and 2) are you really free if you wind up in debt? That's what I thought. I also thought hey, you can accomplish the same thing with much less if you just rely a little on society infrastructure along the way. But, if you truly want to be self sufficient for a day or so at a time, this is one approach. Why do I say only a day or so? Because you'll have to fill up the tank every day or so. And, if you find a gas station, chances are you'll find clean water, supplies, etc. These are things to think about.

Of course, these assumptions are personal. I'll never forget the look on Mycol Steven's face when I asked him what kind of camping equipment he had. Mycol has camped all over Florida and many other places. The look was classic. Sort of "are you serious?" Mycol's not a gadget guy. He takes stuff to make sure he can eat, sleep and cloth himself right according to where he goes. Sometimes it's a just tent, blanket (Florida is warm), skillet, plate, cup, knife, canteen, boots, shovel, water and food. He destroys vehicles! His cars don't get "detailed" unless by that you mean decorated by branches you brush up against driving down a dirt road. When I met him, he was driving a car a massive branch had dented the hood and broken the windshield.

In the case of this Jeep, it's equipped to do rock and dune climbing, winch out of a jam, sit in some out of the way spot for days at a time and trickle charge, filter water, and survive super rugged environments. You'd want some of that driving through Africa.

On the other hand, if you plan to travel but stay on paved roads...well, you don't need all the ruggedness. 18 flats? How did he get 18 flats? At least he has a compressor. That's not going to do a lot of good without a spare tire. But, this is one guys idea of how to be self sufficient. I think it's pretty cool! What's your idea of a travel vehicle?

Here's a preview of the places he goes. This is the right vehicle for these types of conditions. http://youtu.be/waQGUz0Z97Y

Here's the Jeep story:

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