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McRorie Community Garden

The photo above is one of the first I took of the McRorie Community Garden. It's been a cold December-January, and some freezes have had an impact on the plants in our garden. But, today, for the first time in weeks, it's both warm and dry. The sun is shining. You can click the photo above and see the album I made of the McRorie Community Garden and all the people there. It's such a lovely place...

Here you go. Click this video and listen to some music from Willie Nelson...about the beauty of the outdoors. Take a little tour of the garden with me...

My garden benefactor, Sh'mal

This is Sh'mal, the day I met him. We had a great chat. He was waiting for some friends to come and hand over to them his patch. He was preparing to move to Seattle to be closer to his family. Well, the friends never showed up. Sh'mal gave me his patch, and that's where all this began: gardening at McRorie and Zoobird!

Blake and potatoes

That's Blake, and some potatoes he grew in the rich soil of his patch next to mine. Bob and Blake both tried growing potatoes in old tires. That's the photo you see in profiles where people haven't yet uploaded a personal photo. They grow pretty well in old, stacked tires, believe it or not.

Super Zuccini's

These, my friends, are loofahs. If you can believe that! Sh'mal wound up taking them to St Francis House, right down the street a couple of blocks, so they could be enjoyed as a meal. Well, I labeled them "Super Zucchinis", but as I remember, they are loofah's.

Ron talks about conserving water

That's Ron Chandler in the photo above. He gave a water conservatin class one day at McRorie Community Garden for all of us. In fact, he gave all of us the black soaker hoses you see in many patches in the garden. He taught us that soaker hoses are an efficient way to irrigate.

Danielle's dog Chocolate

That's Danielle's dog "Chocolate" in the photo above. Danielle introduced me to the McRorie Community Garden the first day I discovered it. She was chasing her dogs and stopped to explain what community gardening was to me. I was riding by on my vintage Dawes Galaxy bike, the only bike that survived from my college days, looking for the Hawthorne Trail. I happened upon the garden. Just lucky, I guess.

A Great Day at the Garden

The Tibetan prayer flags were the first sign that it was a good place with peaceful energy.

Well, you know, I am having such a good time reminiscing that the time is marching by. It's time to head to the garden and be in the sunshine! Hope to see you there!

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