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The beauty of a dolphin can be described in so many words, that to say they are simply enchanting does not do them justice. Dolphins are strong and intelligent. They are loving and still fierce. They are creatures whose elegance is best perceived up close. Dolphins are wonderful animals who bring joy and delight to all who encounter them. The sight of a mother dolphin with her newborn calf is breathtaking. In the calf's first moments of life, the mother communicates using a unique whistle so her baby will always recognize her. Yes a calf and its mother is a picturesque sight, but for dolphins in Belize, it is a sight that may disappear.


The government of Belize has recently given oil companies the right to explore for oil offshore. The noisy method by which they explore for oil can interfere with the communications of a mother dolphin and her calf. This danger is not limited to just dolphins either. There are a number of marine animals who are sensitive to high frequency sounds, like those caused by drilling. These sounds pose a major threat, not just because they are disorienting, but they can be deadly to both dolphins and other marine life.


Oceana is fighting for the voiceless creatures of the ocean in Belize. They have a national referendum that would allow the people of Belize to protect their dolphins, coral reefs, and other creatures from the destruction caused by offshore drilling. Oceana is trying and they need help to succeed. The lives of countless creatures and their coral reef home depend on your help.


Help Oceana raise $30,000 by June 27


The government of Belize has already given the oil companies the right to drill in the center of the Belize reef. If we don't act now, they will use seismic drills and other noisy and destructive tools to drill in the reef and cause devastation to the living creatures, like dolphins, in the area. We need to put the power back in the hands of the citizens of Belize, so please help now. The preservation of the Belize coral reef ecosystem and all the marine life that lives there, depends on you. Just follow the link above and make donation, when you're finished pass it on to others. We can do this. We can make a difference. If we don't act today for the dolphins and reef, they might not have a tomorrow.


-Anjuli Atwal

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Comment by Chandra on June 29, 2011 at 9:58pm

Very nice article, Anjuli! I like Michael's comment/feedback also. I save my cups from coffee shop visits, if not to reuse at least to recycle. It makes great sense not to use more than necessary. Most importantly, one does not have to become a hermit. Even taking little steps can help immensely, especially if done by lots of people!


Peace :)

Comment by Michael Levin on June 24, 2011 at 8:49am

What a beautiful article and poignant message, Anjuli. Yes, progress marches on. Innovation is a good thing. But, the impact of what we're doing to the planet is shocking. Imagine how long our earth has been around, silent and chugging along.


Along comes man and all this innovation and it's amazing how soon the impacts take their toll. Global warming, oil spills, pollution, even "paving paradise to put up a parking lot". It's all so bizarre. If we all think about what we're doing and act accordingly, there's hope. Landfills might fill up with compostable materials. Wouldn't that be nice? We might all start reusing our disposable papers and plastics even before it gets recycled. I have a fridge full of disposable water bottles filled with Britta filtered water. I went to the coffee shop 3 days ago and I'm still using the paper cup they served me my coffee in. Why should we pay extra for packaging and then toss it in someone's yard when we walk home?




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