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How Far Out of the Broom Closet and into the Streets? by Flash Silvermoon

How Far Out of the Broom Closet and into the Streets?
by Flash Silvermoon

This is such an interesting question as Halloween and Pride approaches.
Part of my "outness" is just me being me and if that helps another to be themselves more then part of my job is done whether as a witch,a lesbian,a feminist, or whatever closet you might choose or feel forced to inhabit.
I acknowledge that I have the privilege of working for myself, albeit it hard earned and not without sacrifice of certain securities.
I suggest that you feel around for ways to be more comfortable,more you whatever that is, to test those boundaries and expand them and bust out as much as is comfortable and then in time push a little further.
My job is being a Priestess and that for me is my full time job which includes Divination[Tarot], Astrology, Sacred Stones, Vibrational Healing,Animal Communication, writing books,teaching playing music and on and on so I am fortunate to love all that I do and not need to occupy a closet for any of these things. Sometimes I do not reveal all of who I am if it is just inappropriate.
Of course at times I have paid a price for my freedom and this was my choice to make.
Many years ago, I had a radio show on WRUF which for awhile , I jokingly called dial a witch as I did free readings on the air. After awhile, I could see that being a totally out witch did not help my career as a psychic /astrologer because some folks had a hard enough time justifying coming to me for a reading or a class.
So, when at least once a year around now when the press would drag the witch [Me]out to ask the same sorry questions about Wicca and isn't it Devil worship etc etc, I started calling myself an Authority on Witchcraft to distance myself to all who might be wary and for those who knew the way to become an authority is to BE A WITCH, they got the joke. So as OUT as I am there are times that I do reel it in for safety and economics...but not a whole hell of a lot.
To tell the whole truth, these days I would still call myself a witch if asked, however that label feels too tight for me and I rather consider myself as Walking A Rainbow Goddess Path to encompass the fullness of my spirituality which includes and is more than the Dianic European/Celtic Wiccan path.
My path is life- affirming and totally positive,Goddess- centered, elevates and empowers women, respects the earth and all living things, and seeks ways to heal and save the planet. No sign of the Devil anywhere for me and no need for anyone to be fearful unless they are creating their own bad karma in which case they will undo themselves.
Sadly, our Pagan Culture is one of the few, while honoring our elders, doesn't really make it a practice to care for them the way that the Native Americans and Africans do, which is built right in to their traditions. As I age I am aware of this issue too.
I live a most Shamanic life and it is not for everyone but it is for me. If we were all living more on the barter and gifting system and all my needs were met I would be happy to do my work for free. What I do do is keep my prices lower and as it is, I trade a lot for things that I really need.
The sad story is that we are all, for the most part, dealing with the remnants of the Patriarchal Bushinista Economics which got us in this state of affairs and we are going to have to get really creative to find our way out! That also means not scapegoating other have nots for the crumbs that might be available.
Anyway rule number one, as they used to say back in the day,is survival, and we all must make our peace with and find our way to do just that.
If at times we feel the pressure of the closet door cramping our behinds, then we find a way to dance and give that door a nudge so that we got more room to move.
OK I just jumped down off the soapbox and will get on my broom and fly on out of here. Witches get a gas free ride

Blessings and Happy Halloween
and REMEMBER YOUR ANCESTORS they look out for you and support all you do!!
Blessed Be,Ashe', Aho, Shalom,Namaste, Aloha !!
Flash Silvermoon

* The Wise Woman's Tarot - http://flashsilvermoon.com *
* What The Animals Tell me -

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