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Jalapeño Days at the McRorie Community Garden

There's something about hot peppers, especially jalapeños, that just makes me feel great. It all goes back to my days growing up in the Southwest. Peppers are such a part of the culture in Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Colorado (to name just a few places) that its impossible to ignore them. You just get involved to one degree or another.
So, being around the peppers in the McRorie Community Garden is a real delight. And, it's a trip down memory lane. Those peppers in the photo above are probably Blake's. Some plots have changed hands recently, so I'm not sure. I know Blake's grown peppers in this patch before, so they're probably his prizewinners.

I looked for a photo of Blake in the collection of Human Beans on the Zoobird blog I started before Zoobird proper, but couldn't find one. The last time I saw Blake was a momentous occasion... Read the rest here, in the Organic Mexican Food Lovers Zoo!

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Comment by Kevin Neelands on October 21, 2009 at 9:26pm
I developed a fondness for the Jalapeno while doing time at Burrito Brothers
http://www.burritobros.com/photos.htm Yes, that's me in the second picture.
My fondness for hot food developed so gradually I wasn't aware of it until I saw other people crying when eating food I found 'just right'.
Comment by Christopher Suter on October 21, 2009 at 5:39pm


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