Dangerously organic!

Have you thought about life off the grid?

One reason I love my Westy so much is because it is self contained. It has all the things you lose when you go off the grid.

Think about it. Off grid means no electricity, water & plumbing. 

My Westy has a battery, water tank and porta potty. It has a gas fridge, a sink and stove, and a comfy couple of beds.

This can do well for a long time. Why? Because it has an engine and wheels.

When you need stuff, you can drive off and get them. 

Now, think about the yurt in the photo. There’s a fine shelter. Yurts have been around for centuries. Nomadic tribes love them. 

But, think for a minute. No electricity means no refrigerator. No lightbulbs at night. No air conditioning. No heater. 

What about water? You need city water, a well, or rain barrels. 

What about toilet? 

You're fine for a week or so in a Westy before you’ve got to restock.

Also, a Westy is fine for one or two people. Maybe a couple of kids! But, trust me. I’ve been out in my Westy with a couple of my boys for more than a couple of days. It gets stinky fast!

Thoughts? I know it’s entirely do able. That’s my Westy next to my buddy Mycol’s yurt. Off grid. The whole deal. I love it there, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Hard work pays off. Stay tuned. 

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