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Mobile Solar Energy Education off to a classroom

Solar Energy Education: Wildcat Creek Educational Center, Inc.
Why teach solar energy to our young people? The volatile market pricing and limited supply of fossil fuels will continue to have a negative impact on the world’s economy. Political instability in oil rich nations and environmental concerns in the ever more challenging recovery of limited deposits of oil requires the US to rapidly shift to renewable sources of energy. Recently, Germany’s solar power plants produced a record 22 gigawatts of energy, equivalent to the output of 20 nuclear plants. Germany’s solar power systems delivered 50% of nation’s energy quota. If Germany can reach this level of solar power generation with limited solar insolation compared to the United States, think what is possible for our nation.
What can we do? First let’s educate our children in how solar energy works and the benefits of renewable energy to our nation’s economy.
How will the program work? Or staff will travel to the selected school, provide a 60 minute classroom presentation with teaching materials from Florida Solar Energy Center, followed by a hands-on learning demonstrating of our mobile 840 watt solar trailer and end the workshop by hosting a solar race car completion.
How can you help? Donate your old car, truck or boat to the non-profit (501c 3) Wildcat Creek Educational Center, Inc. Call toll free 1-855-500-7433 today to support this important program and receive a tax benefit for your donation, or donate on line at http://www.donatingiseasy.org/car-donation-wildcat-creek-education-...

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