Dangerously organic!

I have decided that you have to really think deep with what you will put onto you plants and in the ground. A short trip to the organic store has proved that to me. I walk in and ask for my Neem at 100% pressed and there it is. Totally impressed I start to ask questions. I want to know if there are other products I could be using. The nice sales person shows me some OMRI approved spray. Always wanting to be adventurous I buy it. But being a careful soul I look it up online when I get home. OPPS...that's right there is Spinosad in there! While being natural it is not good for bees. It will actually kill them from what I have read. So I look up Neem to see if I have missed anything and I see no problems with it.

While just visiting the plant once a day and feeding the buggers to the chickens is the best way to stomp the problem( Slugs and snails beware). Being in Florida with the wet days and high humidity these bugs are coming out of the woodwork! And some are even burrowing in the woodwork. I am just looking for an alternative to help with the work when my busy life takes over. Maybe I am rushing and just need to stop and smell the tomatoes and peppers.

Reading so many books it can boggle the mind. Do this and don't do that. But what is most important is what you feel is right. Take a bit from this book and a bit from that book. Then mix it up a bit. That is what is in my mind. This spray the sales person sold me might be his organic. Such as it is posted as being organic. But in my small world of gardening I want the best and smallest amount of damage I can get away with. It is a trick of the trade that has been beaten with a stick. Is it truely organic? Was it made with organic stuff? If it is entering my mouth then I will put on what I feel is right. But still try and do what is right for others too.

I have been meaning to get some Hysoop plants for my garden. They seem to be loaded with bees in a short time. My Squash is not producing well and may be because of the lack of bees. I did not put the neem on the squash for it has no visual problems. Might just have to get down there and proform the duties of others to get to a pollinating. But I do see a decline in bees and my favorite monarch butterflies. Such a sad time.

While that bottle is sitting here waiting to be returned I did purchase a lovely sprayer to add to my collection. It was a bit pricey but worth it. The nozzle is about 36 inches out and can spray under the leaves without trouble. I can get a good compost tea going and folliage feed! So being that I loved the store and know they are doing the best they can. I will return often. And the bees are safe once again. Hopefully they will come visit soon.

Please feel free to give me input to my gardening and comments are welcome!

Peace, Love and Chickens

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Comment by Ecopepper on June 8, 2010 at 8:27pm
I don't have enough room for a hive. Was reading that it is best to have two hives. One supports the other. I have a big old pool in my backyard. Would love to turn it into a pond! Kids would cry and drive me nuts though! I don't think they will let us in our area. I do have a empty lot behind me but little kids play in it too. Oh well one more thing I can buy locally though.
Comment by Michael Levin on June 6, 2010 at 6:34pm
Sexy Radish Farm

All wonderful! I agree that we must protect the bees. I was riding my bike with a friend a couple of days ago and we saw an urban bee colony. It's becoming very popular. The Sexy Radish Farm has two colonies, both doing very well in a short period of time.


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