Dangerously organic!

Cochabamba is a beautiful city, Bolivia´s 4th largest, and towers at 2500 meters or about 8,000 feet above sea level. We are here to enjoy the wedding of my friend Lamine from Senegal and Maria, who was born here.

Someone just commented to me that she loved the produce here. She said ¨The strawberries may not be so big. But, they taste so good! And, the grapes all have seeds like they should.

Before arriving here, we spent a little time in La Paz, which is at 14,000 feet elevation. A friend wrote and asked how is it to feel 80 years old all of a sudden due to the ALTITUDE!

The fresh juices are delicious.

I love these Hercules bikes. They are made to commute. Made for working, picking up groceries, real, reliable transportation.

This is the local park by our place. It´s a fully utilized park, all day and all night. I believe many fiestas makes for a good, full life! We heard music all through the night. People come here to socialize, relax, and people watch.

We just enjoyed a breakfast made up of local produce and baked goods. I particularly liked the sweet watermelon mixed with tasty yoghurt.

There are so many baked goods to choose from. I just finished reading a book I absolutely loved called The Empanada Brotherhood, by John Nichols. So, I am particularly fond of empanadas! They are pastries filled with savory things.

This is what the local buses look like here. They are colorful and always heard before they are seen. What I mean is that the traffic has a gentle rhythm. Everyone toots their horn a little to let the others know they are around.

There´s an election coming up. The candidate seen promoted in this picture is the indigenous candidate, Evo Morales, the people´s choice. I´ll write more about that once I know a few more facts. Check out the section entitled Style in the wikipedia article about him. You have to admire the pay cut, self imposed and living with friends.

Here´s a local market. You can get anything you want...at one of these markets. The fruits, veggies and food in general is all brought in from local farms. Tasty!


Here´s another bike being used for work. People walk a lot here. They use the local buses and ride bikes. Yes, I love public transport! Part of what I like is the lack of isolation you feel boxed up in your own car. You´ll often see cars full to capacity here with people.

Stay tuned for more!

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