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Wow, you guys out in the Portland/Seattle area are getting it good! Bundle up! We feel you. We know there are gale force winds in places like McMinnville, OR. We know there's lots of rain. We know it's cccold. So, we want to reach out to all the Zoobird folks out there and say hi. We're thinking of you.


One of our favorite hostels, The Hawthorne Hostel in Portland, has loads of new stuff and events going on. They have a new bike self service station so you can work on your own bike at the hostel. There are exactly enough tools to do anything you need to do to maintain your bicycle. Check out their new website. It'll make you dream of travel!



I have politic'd many a time to make a permanent move out to Portland. And, many a time I've been told "Mike, you need to come out anytime besides summertime!" I've been out in November. I've lived the soggy dream a few times, sipping Stumptown coffee in warm, inviting places with names like "Chance of Rain". I love Portland. And, we love all our Portland Zoobirds! Just do a search here on Zoobird and you'll see all the Portland members. Happy Apostle is the Hawthorne Hostel community coordinator and the ambassador from the hostel I look forward to seeing most when I visit. He's right here on Zoobird, in case you've got questions about hostelling in Oregon.


As for Seattle, we've been there, too. Seattle, you are truly unique. Isaac Pierce of Ten-Speed, thank you for sending us your new album. We love it.


So, I thought I'd begin the day by reaching out to you folks in the NW of the USA. Stay warm, Stay dry. And, please post some photos, music, blog posts, and whatever you can to let us know how you're doing. We're thinking of you!



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