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Phoebes have returned to the Ichetucknee

(Photo from wikipedia, taken by John Benson in Madison WI)


We're more than proud to have members like Lars Anderson here in the Zoobird community. Lars runs Adventure Outpost and writes about nature. Here's a snippet from a recent post about a little migratory bird called a Phoebe.

(Photo of Lars Anderson from his Zoobird profile page)

"Phoebes have returned to the Ichetucknee. We know this because they often tell us—‘pheebee, pheebee.’ But, there’s a lot they don’t tell us, like where they’ve been all summer. What place could possibly be so appealing that they would abandon Ichetucknee in the spring, just when things are getting good. One day, they are flitting among blooming dogwoods, myrtles, hollies and haws, with their fragrant promise of fruit, darting occasionally to snatch a winged insect from the air or plucking a stranded minnow from a shallow pool, and the next day they are gone. How could any other summer home compare?

Of course, we lovers of the Ichetucknee are biased. I'm sure John Audubon felt equally strong about Perkiomen Creek, the small, rock shrouded stream near the plantation he managed in the early 1800’s near Philadelphia. When phoebes arrived there very early in the spring, he concluded that they must have been “prompted more by their affection to the place than by any other motive.” Clearly, Audubon never saw the Ichetucknee (is my bias showing?)..."
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