Dangerously organic!

I often tell folks that I'm caffeine powered to explain my high coffee and tea intake. Now here's a design contest entry that takes that concept literally!

RITI, an Eco-Friendly Printer


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Comment by Michael Levin on February 3, 2009 at 9:06am
I love it. And, from the comments, it's clear that others love the idea, too. That's what we need. Thinking outside the box. Did I read correctly that you move the cartridge by hand? Another clever idea. It's interesting, as well, to consider how much energy is consumed to produce various products. Like, the arguments against using veg oil as fuel because of all the petroleum based agricultural methods used to produce it. We're thinking this through and it's good. There's appropriate uses for cars and bicycles, for example. I need some stuff from the store and it's 38F outside and raining here in the Swamp (!). Do I want to ride a bike in the rain to the store? But, when I can, I ride the bike. Do I want to use coffee ink for an important document? No, but if I want to run off a draft it might be perfect.


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