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For those of us living in North America, we are bracing ourselves for a winter blizzard on the east coast. I hear from reliable sources that it's beautiful outside this morning. 

Also, a bunch of planets are going to align over the next month and it will be fun to go outside and see them. Here's a good article explaining what's going on. Plus, you'll be reading the Irish Times, which is one of my favorite newspapers. 

Speaking of favorite newspapers, one of our own here at Zoobird, Stephanie Samara Hamblen, publishes a newsletter and website called Hogtown Homegrown. It's published here in Gainesville, Florida. You can get it free in lots of stores and restaurants.

Stephanie says "What is Hogtown HomeGrown?  Well, obviously it is a newsletter and website full of local and seasonal recipes, but it is more than that - I want you to get away from the processed fast food mentality.  I want you to get together with friends and family to enjoy local fresh food, lovingly cooked and eaten with laughter.  Gather around the table every day – get to know each other – become a family!"

This is what it looked like here in Gainesville, FL day before yesterday on a walk along the Haile Plantation trail. It's not always warm in Florida. But, it did get up to 65F that day! 

Later that day I decided to take a bike ride because it warmed up and was beautiful. I sometimes wear a helmet and other times like to just feel the wind in my hair. Well, I put my helmet on and got on one of my favorite bikes, a 30 year old Colnago Master. 

This is what it looks like around the corner from the previous shot. Nice! And, this is the Colnago in a glamor shot. They say "Steel is Real" - that's because steel lasts a long time and has a great feel to it when you're cruising down the road. 

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Comment by Michael Levin on February 7, 2016 at 7:30am

I went outside before dawn this morning but the city lights and treeline kept me from seeing the planets. Maybe this week I'll go out to the country and have a better look. 


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