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At 8:33pm on May 19, 2009, Russ Scala said…
Hello Ellen , My research site is www.e-juven8.com Im always sharing research with firends...
At 12:10pm on April 19, 2009, Lois Hudson said…
Hi Ellen,
Here is a poem I recently wrote. I worked with special children for many years.
A Child Who Could Not Speak

Words bounce from his moth
Like gumballs jumping
From their slippery slot
Clattering to the floor
Rolling falling....

Thoughts tied behind in darkness
Pounding struggling
To be freed.

In his dream a miracle:
He is a word,
Sliding down a banister,
Opening the front door
To sunshine!
Lois Hudson
Ellen, I thought you'd enjoy this, as I know how you enjoy children. I knoe Music has opened many doors.
At 10:44pm on March 4, 2009, Jacob G. Madehdou said…
Hi Ellen,
Thanks for the welcome message, I am honored to have you as a friend.

At 9:54am on January 29, 2009, Cory said…
Hi Ellen, it's a painting. I love the colors. I did join your group :-)
At 10:14pm on January 26, 2009, Michael Levin said…
Thanks! Can't wait to read the poetry.
At 7:05pm on January 26, 2009, Michael Levin said…
I'd love to read your sister's poetry on Facebook. My email address is mick at zoobird dot com.
At 11:03am on January 25, 2009, Michael Levin said…

I noticed you mentioned your sister is a published poet. Can I read her work somewhere? We have a group called Soft Exposure that meets here in Florida. And, Naomi is involved with it. ...M
At 6:03pm on January 21, 2009, Lois Hudson said…
Hi Ellen,
I often enjoy listening to the boys play a piece on the iano for me. Thanx for being such a good teacher. Here's a poem I recently wrote:
I never saw a sky so deep
I And tall as when I stood alone,
And had to leave my life behind
Somewhere in time and far from home.

I never saw a day this grey
As when a tiny bird flew by,
A speck of feathers in the sky,l
And left me crying far away.

I never saw a tree so bare
When azure leaves forgot to laugh
And drifted through the autumn air,l
And floated sadly on my path.

Aub when I heard you call my name,
I chased the moon across the sky,
I grew these wings, I learned to fly,
And nothing ever stayed the same. Lois
At 3:09pm on January 20, 2009, Lois Hudson said…
Hi Ellen, I am so glad you liked my poem.
I wondeer if my daughter, Dana, told you I am the grandmother of Nic and Zac, two of your piano students. You do such a great job as their teacher.I Lois Hudson
At 10:49am on January 20, 2009, Behr@ng said…
Hi Ellen,

Thanks for your kind words. It is great to hear that you have other Iranian friends too! If you don't mind I am going to add you to my friends list on Facebook. I also joined the Environmental Zoo. When I am free, like when I am having a nap in my bed ;-), one of the things I always think about is the environment. I guess Environmental Zoo is a great place to share our ideas on this hot topic.

At 5:27am on January 20, 2009, Behr@ng said…
Hi Ellen!

I was just cleaning up my inbox and noticed that I've received a new comment from you on Zoobird! Don't understand why I hadn't caught it earlier!

It's been about two years since I first came to Australia from Iran. I've lived in Melbourne and Sydney and both cities are fantastic. I am going to be here for at least one more year and I might even settle down here for the rest of my life as well, so anytime you come here you are absolutely welcome and I will be happy to be your guide and show you the in and out of the city.

At 1:31pm on January 19, 2009, Nerdmom said…
Thanks for the invite, I'll be sure to check it out.
At 5:59pm on January 14, 2009, Patricia Bradley said…
Thanks Ellen for the well wishes and good luck to you as well in 'doing what you love'!

At 4:00pm on January 13, 2009, Michael Levin said…
Hi Elen,

To request to add someone as a friend on Facebook, you need to have found them on Facebook already or have their email address. If you search for someone on Facebook using their name you may find them. Otherwise, you could send them a Zoobird message and ask them for an email address.


At 3:57pm on January 13, 2009, Michael Levin said…
Hi Ellen,

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's a way to subscribe to the page using your mail reader. Click it and see!


At 5:40pm on January 12, 2009, agnes said…
Hi Ellen,
Nice to meet you.
yes, Lubbock may be flat, windy and dusty but it is still a nice place to live and people are really great and friendly out here.
Have you come back to Lubbock recently?
I am sure you would find many changes, the city is expanding a lot, mostly due to Texas Tech.
Hope to talk to you more on Zoobird.
At 1:31am on January 10, 2009, Robbie said…
Hey! and thanks for the comment. I've been playing guitar for about seven years and I play finger picking classical-esque and death metal. I like to incorporate both = ). I would love to buy a drum set sometime because I am ALWAYS tapping or thinking about different rhythms. I really enjoy singing but the tone of my voice isn't so pleasant haha. When I'm driving I'll turn the music up really loud so I can at least sing in tune with the vocals. What kind of music are you into? I'll def. give your site a visit.
At 11:08am on January 6, 2009, Ken Benway said…
Permaculture, besides being somewhat of an enigma, is a whole system design approach to creating sustainable and regenerative human habitat that includes a place for all life forms to live in sustianable populations. You will find many definitions of the word permaculture as unique as the individuals that attempt to define it. Google the word and play with the adventure of discovery. I think you'll like what you find and may even be pleasantly surprised. I will check out your group soon.-Ken
At 6:22pm on January 4, 2009, Matt Neale said…
Hi there Ellen. Thanks for the invite. Nice to meet you (as it is towards all the like minded people out there on here!)
It's great that there are so many of us actively trying to make positive changes with environmental considerations in our daily lives...
I'll join sure, but I don't tend to be particularly active in the virtual world, unless it's some subject close to my heart or that I feel strongly about.
Orignally I had chatted to Mike who invited me to join this friendly forum.
Perhaps I'll keep more of an eye on this in the near future
At 6:56pm on January 2, 2009, Ron Chandler said…
Hi Ellen:
As you know, I joined Environmental Zoo; thank you for sending the invitation. I will look forward to discussing facets of sustainability with you and others in the group.
My work, in addition to CIFAE, is in sustainability and especially regarding water resources, water democracy and environmental equity; all juicy, passionate topics for Zoobirders and kin.
Best wishes,


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