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A Great Day at the Garden

A Great Day at the Garden

I planted some mesclun mix, carrots and onion seeds yesterday and watered the tomato sprouts. Click on the photo above to see a set of springtime community garden photos I took.

Everything in the garden is green, green, green and blooming. Some things are fruiting. You can see baby beans, peppers and all sorts of produce coming up.



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Growing Patchouli and Aromatic Plants

(Photo from wikipedia)

I ran across a patchouli plant at a local, independently owned grocer I love to shop. I'd never seen one before. So, I rubbed a leaf and smelled it. It smelled woody and exactly like the oil so many people wear as perfume. So, I did a little web search and…


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Blissful Springtime Days in the USA

Hike and bike trail in Houston TX

(Hershey Trail, West Houston, TX)

Good day, all! It's 75F (24C) and puffy white clouds in a blue, blue sky. The air here in Florida is full of the smells of Spring. Anyone with citrus trees has harvested their fruit by now. The citrus flowers have bloomed and the cycle has begun again. My day is beginning with the sounds…


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Soma Buena Vista mixte, by Tim Kinney

Some of the finest commercial frames being made are from Soma IMHO


They are one of several companies who are bringing back the Mixte frame, which was popular with European bicycle campers back in the 70's and 80's.

Their mixte frame is the Buena Vista and I've…


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Fresh stirfry broccoli ::: last cutting

Fresh stirfry broccoli ::: last cutting

From beautiful McRorie Community Garden: in truffle oil with jalapeños, white onions,…


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Eggman the Movie

We are very, very lucky here at the Chicken Zoo on Zoobird. "Why?" you ask. Well, we have a celebrity onboard, as of today. Chicken farmer Mace Morris of Gainesville, FL joined us here at Zoobird and this is his story. Enjoy!



Have you got some stories…


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The Zoobird Bookshelf

The Zoobird Bookshelf


Come visit our new Zoobird bookshelf. It's hosted at Powell's Books. You'll…


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Sprouting Some Anticipation

Dietrich Coffee Roaster

I've been out of town a long weekend with my sprouts safely watered and growing in my kitchen. I'll be back later today, hopefully to a five day growth of tomato and basil sprouts. Anticipation!

Keep your eyes peeled for some new content in the Coffee Zoo, too...


The garden patch is cleared of those pesky weeds for the…


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