Dangerously organic!

Hike and bike trail in Houston TX

(Hershey Trail, West Houston, TX)

Good day, all! It's 75F (24C) and puffy white clouds in a blue, blue sky. The air here in Florida is full of the smells of Spring. Anyone with citrus trees has harvested their fruit by now. The citrus flowers have bloomed and the cycle has begun again. My day is beginning with the sounds of cardinals and blue jays this morning.



Coral Snake


I was just in Texas (top photo) and I enjoyed some sights and sounds similar to our home in Florida. There were a few surprises, though! I saw the first coral snake I've ever seen in the wild.

Tomato sprouts

I left some cherry tomato seeds sprouting last week and they're doing fine. So, this weekend, I'll plant them and hopefully they'll be ready to plant in my patch next week.

Living to 100

I visited with my friends in Texas. Time marches on and you can see life's message on everyone's faces. This reminds me of a little pamphlet I picked up from the Harvard Medical School about living to 100.

Botany in a Day by Elpel

Marc Williams, curator of Botany Everyday, is leading a botany class online based on "Botany in a Day", by Elpel. I've been following along. Every week or so Marc posts a blog in guidance so you can follow along, reading a few pages and sharing on his website using blog comments. There's also aFacebook page.

I hope you will share your experiences with organic gardening and your "dangerously organic" lives with us today here at Zoobird. 

Stay tuned!

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