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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art practiced worldwide as a form of exercise and meditation. It is an effective strengthening technique that is gentle to the joints and muscles. No special equipment or setting is required. There are a series of movements that comprise the Tai Chi exercise. They are easy to learn. There are many free resources that will assist you in learning the movements. I recently borrowed a DVD from the library that demonstrated 37 Tai Chi movements. Once you memorize these movements, you can do your Tai Chi workout anytime, anywhere. But, memorization isn't even necessary. Why? Because you can join a group with a leader and follow the leader. The benefit of exercising with a group is the additional chi of companionship. It's a win-win. However you do Tai Chi, your overall health wil be enhanced. You will be more flexible. Your strength will increase. And, as a result, your memory, blood pressure and cardiovascular health will improve.

Do you do Tai Chi? Where? When? What is the sequence of moves you do? Hw long have you been doing it? Do you exercise with a group? I sometimes see groups on the beach doing Tai Chi. What a joy! Not only do groups of Tai Chi exercisers on the beach get a good workout, but they enjoy eachother's company and also are in the presence of the incredible beauty of the sand, sun, waves and salt air.

Please join the Tai Chi discussion in the Mind, Body and Spirit group and share your experience.

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