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Really! Flager Beach Ocean, what were you up to that day?

How do you choose?


It all seemed pleasant.

Enjoying our selves.

As we sat on warm sand; watching people play.

In waves not too rough for a brave few.


Then down the beach a bit, voices of alarm.


Oh, come now, it’s a beautiful, sunny, fall, day.


A few begin to run.

Why run? What’s there to know…or see? Or be with.


The quiet beach energy shifts. Demands attention.

What’s that there by the ocean’s edge?


By lapping waves-lets; a wife frantic, bent over, her knees in the surf.

She pounds on her husband’s large, barrel, chest.

She screams through her falling tears,

“John, no.” How can this be?


A young woman-daughter walks in agony-aimless, in sand circles, fitfully crying;

A dog leashed to her hand.

Her young man-brother, hands on knees,

Then on head, down low, with unfathomable tears;

Sounds of a begging mourn. “I can’t, oh, God, no, please.”


The Human sense,

Pulls on me to be close.

My empathy swells out of me.

I strain. Uncertain. Not sure what to do.

But know what I feel.


Am drawn to hug each.

With gentle words of comfort.

In those very, few, brief, moments,

I am joined with Eternity.










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Comment by Cynthia Klopfenstein on February 1, 2012 at 3:29pm

I was fortunate to be able to hear the real story that inspired this beautiful poem.  Sh'mal's words have really captured that moment, however painful it was for the people involved, like you are there, observing.  This poem makes my heart open up, and remind me how much we are all connected.  Beautiful!


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