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Our Soul Sheds Tears

May 8, 2012



Bob Sh’mal Ellenberg






In my meditation this morning I began to concentrate on my soul; sort of looking for where it is in my body. I know though that my total body is my soul. It is not a place: It is all of who I am. As I sat and quietly and I watched my breathe, the term “soul force” came to…


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Oceans Choice




Really! Flager Beach Ocean, what were you up to that day?

How do you choose?


It all seemed pleasant.

Enjoying our selves.

As we sat on warm sand; watching people play.

In waves not too rough for a brave few.


Then down the beach a bit, voices of alarm.


Oh, come now, it’s a beautiful, sunny, fall, day.


A few begin to run.



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The essence of gardening

One of my thrills being back in Gainesville after three years is my return to the McRorie Community Garden on SW 4th Ave. I planted it early this fall with the help of a friend who maintained it while I was away. I’m so impressed about how productive it quickly became with very large broccoli heads, prolific and large collard leaves, salad greens galore and other veggies.

            Something came to mind about gardening that I hadn’t quite felt before: How gardening is a…


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Breathing in Mt. Rainier

Bob Sh’mal Ellenberg

11319 8th Ave. NE Apt. 106

Seattle, Wa. 98125



word count 1482


Harry was sitting on a bench near Puget Sound with a fixated stare 50-miles away at mammoth Mt. Rainer. He was feeling a connection, inwardly laughing, musing to himself: “we’re both part of the earth; she just happened to grow a bit larger than me.” He wondered if there was a way to make a tangible,… Continue

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Back in Gainesville after three years in Seattle


After living in Seattle for the past three years, I moved back to Gainesville a month ago. My first impression, a feeling really, was that Gainesville felt as close to me as my skin. Lying in bed on one of those first nights I easily thought of all the things I love about this city. The first week I walked out on Bolens Bluff to the lookout platform on Paynes Prairie. I find that place as sacred and peaceful as any place I’ve meditated. A few days later I was on the wooded paths of…


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Freedom and Peace



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I can't help but wonder about the militarism of the United States and what can be done in order for change to come to our country regarding the way we arm countries around the world. I'm not sure what it takes to make this be different, but seeing all the people in Freedom Square standing so firm for what they…


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A Memory of Miki


Miki took at least three to four hours getting ready for her “dates,” as a high priced Hollywood call girl. Her ritual process began after she woke late morning to early afternoon, taking a half-hour shower. She would come out of the narrow bathroom that barely had room for the stall shower, sink and toilet,…


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A Death in the Dust




 Sh'mal Ellenberg

908 NE 115 St.

Seattle, Wa. 98125




                                          A DEATH IN THE DUST





The young man was wearing a traditional Muslim skullcap, neatly dressed in stripped, loose fitting slacks, a lightweight, long sleeved, knit shirt squared off at the bottom, loose out of his pants; he walked into a temple unaware that he…


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Changing Mary's Diaper

Sh’mal Ellenberg

908 NE 115 St

Seattle, Wa. 98125




Mary was frail, so weak she could barely get to the potty near her bed without help. When I came into her room to see how she was doing, she was lying, prone in bed, her knees, slightly bent up; her face, a bit ashen from not eating well and sickness, but still with her glowing, smile, so familiar to me. Having…


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Dear Shaya:

Honest, honest. This ongoing poem began as I relate in the early stanzas, but I couldn’t stop myself, working on it daily as days unfold. It began just for you, to be shared with

Bahira; now I find myself wanting to work on it more and more to keep expanding

this mode of sacred telling. I have joked about Batina have ocd,…


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Running with the Salmon

I wrote this story for an under 300 word contest. The story came to me after standing by a stream in a park outside of Seattle that had a sign about the stream, that fifty years

ago, during spawning season, the stream was filled with salmon bank to bank. Next

fall I’ll have to check out how few there are. And there was a metal statue of

the otter in the park.…


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Amazing Grace

Bob Sh’mal Ellenberg

908 NE 115th St.

Seattle, Wa. 98125




The others left at 6:15 p.m. I came to the house to relieve Lynn for three hours while she went to a Buddhist meditation class and Mary, Bob’s daughter and her husband Tom were going out for something to eat. They would all be back around 9:00 or 9:30.

I sat in the living room for fifteen minutes reading when it came to me I should be in the bedroom… Continue

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Some more on the Ganja Boogie Band in Nogo Arkansas


New Mexico was sort of our training ground for getting us into the frame of mind for what we wanted to do in Arkansas. In New Mexico the hippies had adobe models for building their homes, but in Nogo, like I said, we were freer in building our houses. I had never built anything before, hence some of what I built was pretty primitive and basic, but worked. At least when I, with some help from Eloise and Lance, built my cabin, no one could tell me it didn’t meet community… Continue

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let the white house know

Dear Friend,

Somehow a top official from CropLife -- the powerful chemical industry

trade group that went after Michelle Obama's organic garden -- has been

nominated to serve as America's chief agricultural negotiator for

international trade. If confirmed by the Senate, Isi Siddiqui, who has

spent the last several years of his career fighting various restrictions

and bans on environmentally hazardous pesticides, would bring that

inappropriately… Continue

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Teachings of the Sufi Masters

The Teachings of the Sufi Masters

There must be an acceleration of a shift in consciousness so humans have a greater understanding of each of their roles on this planet. On the material plane there are so many areas of concern that each of us must be aware of. They all can be dealt with if the shift in consciousness takes place along with each of us doing our share in spreading the material plane work along with the cosmic work.

Acknowledging that our breath is a universal… Continue

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more on the Ganja Boogien Band



In the winter of 1970 a group of strangers migrated from cities to the Santa Fe Community School in Santa Fe, New Mexico where this odyssey began. If there can be a beginning for anything that happens in life, since now I know: Life is a smooth if sometimes irregular and uncertain ongoing creation story, from the big bang to this moment. We each brought with something with us that became a part of the whole.

Like a spark of spirit.

A simple spark… Continue

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Ganja Boogie Band More stories


Then “The Women” came. Some of us knew them from Austin. Not me, they weren’t my friends, but they were coming.

A collective of lesbians,

Came in pairs,

Small groups,

Left, came again.

We helped them look for their own land,

Bottom land, down by a river, beautiful place,

With very difficult access. They bought it ─ I think,

Who can remember?

But never lived there.

In the meantime they were there,

With us,

But on… Continue

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The Ganga Boogie Band


I was driving my VW van, my seven year old son, Miguel, in the back, as our small, slow moving caravan of school bus, VW beetle and truck, labored up the dusty, dirt, Brown Mountain road to Nogo, Arkansas after a circuitous route, from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Austin, where others joined us to commence our adventure. This was the early contingent of sixteen hippies going to live on 40 acres on the edge of the national forest.

I remember questioning,… Continue

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Sh’mal Ellenberg

“Grow wheat?

Kenge, what do you mean, grow wheat?”

“We can grow wheat,” he tells me. “I know we can grow wheat.”

Lance and Kenge were confident, convincing,

While I wondered, “What do they know?”

To plant: we ordered 100 pounds of organic wheat from the co-op.

Till it comes,

In the meantime,

We will prepare.

We organized a six person shit shoveling… Continue

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Bob Sh’mal Ellenberg

11319 8th Ave. NE #106

Seattle, Wa. 98125



There was a time in my life when nothing stopped me from being with any woman who was willing to give herself to me. It was gratifying to be self-indulging. Something to do with, “As we have received, so shall we share.” I wanted to be as high on that feeling of giving as well as… Continue

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