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Save Some Water For The Fishies...Literally

It is an idea that I must have given this Chineese designer Yan Lu in my sleep. Everytime my kids use the faucet for washing or brushing teeth my wife and I always tell them to "save some for the fishies!". We feel (we hope) it instills a sense of connection to the little creatures of the world that we have to look out for and that they naturally have an empathy for.

Now Yan Lu has taken that idea literally and has placed a goldfish...read on

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Comment by Michael Levin on September 22, 2010 at 1:30pm
"In other words, you are watching a proportional representation of your water use and the little guy’s disappearing environment. On one hand this could be a great way to teach something about empathy and limited resource use. On the other hand, it could just tempt antagonistic behavior to torture the fish until there is no more water. And if you’ve ever watched a curious kid, you know that they are capable of both…" I love it!


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