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Hello Zoobird gang!


I live in Florida and summertime is HOT here. Hot and balmy - you might say humid. You'd be right. But, these days early in the morning, I can tell the seasons are changing. I can feel it in the air. Autumn is coming. 



Front Yard Chicken Coop - Portland, OR

I was in Portland recently and saw this awesome front yard chicken coop. More and more, cities are trying to pass ordinances that allow yardbirds. Case in point: the city of Winter Park has what they're calling a backyard chicken initiative. Read about it here. What do you think? Do people raise chickens in your neighborhood? Do you mind hearing an occasional "buckaaaaah!" or a rooster crowing? If you raise chickens or are interested in learning about it, we've got a group all set up for you to join and discuss. It's called the Chicken Zoo

Marc Williams is a botanist and we're lucky to have him as a member here at Zoobird. He gives talks, workshops and maintains a website called Botany Everyday. There are loads of interesting things to learn and participate in at Botany Everyday. One super nice thing Marc is doing is leading an online class that explores Elpel's book Botany in a Day. Marc and ethnobotany enthusiast Mycol Stevens mentioned their botany mentor Frank Cook enough that we created a group devoted to him and his body of work. 

What's new in your world? Please take a moment and write up a little blog post or a discussion in a group you like. That would be great! 

Stay tuned for more!

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