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My friend Waylon wrote a book. It's called "Things I Would Like To Do With You". That's such a nice opener. I can't wait to read it. He's also starting a publishing company. The big idea behind the new publishing company is that writers will get a 50% share of the profits rather than the piddly amount most writers get.

Waylon's also going to do a book tour throughout the USA. He's got a Kickstarter campaign going to help fund it, the book and the eco-friendly book publishing company. 

I've known Waylon a long time and I can say he's a remarkable friend. He's got endless amounts of energy and a great sense of humor. He's smart and motivated to run a good business, Elephant Journal. He's also flesh and bones, meaning he's just as human as the next guy. Like everyone else, he's figuring this thing out as we go along. Because, hey: it's not all so clear, is it? But, I am convinced he's got the basics down. The do unto others as you'd have them do unto you, open your mind, try to deal with desire that interferes with having a good life, and he's incredibly vocal about it. Just check out www.elephantjournal.com sometime and read his stuff. Plus, take a peek at the stuff all the writers he enables contribute to the magazine. But first, take a look at his Kickstarter campaign here and the accompanying video. Here's a link that will take you to an article that describes what Waylon's doing 


Let us know what you think!

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