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Hello all

Sorry about the pause on the postings. There has been some things going on.

Last Sunday I learned that one fellow that used to play in band one of my bands has shared a gig for a couple of times and with whom I have been sitting in a bar chatting, talking having fun had been killed in a fire on carbon monoxide poisoning. R.I.P. So unneccessary, so sad. Gadget called carbon monoxide detector costs around $50. Get one. Today. I did, yesterday.

For that being not enough of grief, I guess you have all heard about the shootings in western Finland, where a young man took his .22 to the college and killed 10 classmates and himself to finish up the job. Sad day. It was the second school shooting in Finland within a year. 20 bodies. I have a lot of friends who work as teachers in different schools. It is unimaginable how they must feel about their everyday work. Is it safe? Is there going to be someone else now that these modern day heroes are filling all the news and newspaperstands? And the question of course - why did it happen?

In early 90s, there was a big recession period in Finland. Banks were going down (like in US today), there was mass unemployment, people lost their jobs and homes. All public services were cut down to spare some money. I.e. health care, mental health care in schools, education budgets. Everything. After that, there has been a huge economical growth in Finland. Like never before. There is more money than ever. But. Nothing has been directed to re-build these basic safety nets. Vice versa, the money is going to the pockets of the stockholders and the public services are struggling. In my humble opinion, we are just about to start to see the efffects of all that.

Other things. I have ridden my singlespeed for about 1000km's since mid-June. Good kilometers. Bike is good.

I made some spinach-pancakes last night. Turned out pretty well. I must translate some of my recepies soon enough to be shared here. Them who know Finnish, can contact me for an URL where they can be currently found. ;)

Tomorrow, band I play drums in, nazca, will start a short warm-up tour (2 gigs, is it a tour or just a trip?) for an UK based band called New Model Army (http://www.newmodelarmy.org/fhome.htm). Excellent. I have been listening that band ever since early 90s. Political stuff. I hope all turns good and we have some excellent time on the road.

edit: It is beautiful these days, check this weeks morning feelings.

"We are old, we are young, we are in this together
Vagabonds and children, prisoners forever.
With pulses a-raging and eyes full of wonder
Kicking out behind us again "

(new model army - vagabonds)

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